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  1. Done and I left the adoption group out because it becomes an advertisement. Plus GD is a a greyhound racing forum and if people put only the pro groups and not the AR groups there can be complaints so I started leaving the group out altogether.

    Wonderful! Thanks so much. I didn't realize the politics behind the adoption agencies being posted on there. Good to know. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dick - if you get a chance could you update GD for me, please? My dog is Fabulous Asset, Red Brindle, born on Dec-01-2006.


    New Owner: S. Hynes

    Comments: Renamed as "Bo" and re-homed by Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption, Nov 2012. Currently enjoying retirement in Iowa City, IA.

    Photos: 3 links below





    Again, thank you for your help!


    (Edited to add photo links)

  3. Thank you so much. I'm trying to see her race videos but can't seem to see them on my iPad. I will try my desktop computer later.

    I also ran into problems viewing the videos on my iPad, and unfortunately, you may run into problems even on your desktop, depending on which browser you use.


    I use a less widespread browser, Comodo Dragon, and couldn't get the videos to work because they needed a (now obsolete) Windows Media plugin. Perhaps it works with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (on a Mac), but I do not know. However, with Internet Explorer (which I reserve for "emergencies" such as this!) it worked.

  4. If you go to Trackinfo you will see he ran 97 times and you can see replays of his races. If you watch his replays the first bold number is the box he is in. Then in the 330 yd races there are two more bold numbers then a little space. The number after the space is where he finished and the number after that is how many lengths he was behind the winner. If he won the race that number is how far in front of the 2nd place dog he was.






    Thank you, Dick! You made my day.

  5. dmdsmoxie,

    Thank you so much not only for your insight, but your time. That was a speedy reply - Bo (pet name) would, apparently, appreciate that!

    I had no idea he raced 97 times. All I could ever see in at GD was 45 races but that didn't add up because they didn't show how he got to AA. Thanks for clearing that up. I just about spit out my coffee when I gafawed at the term "early speed quitter." That is one part of the report that didn't surprise me. Thanks again.


    (Edited due to wonky punctuation - thanks, autocorrect!)

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