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  1. I also ran into problems viewing the videos on my iPad, and unfortunately, you may run into problems even on your desktop, depending on which browser you use. I use a less widespread browser, Comodo Dragon, and couldn't get the videos to work because they needed a (now obsolete) Windows Media plugin. Perhaps it works with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (on a Mac), but I do not know. However, with Internet Explorer (which I reserve for "emergencies" such as this!) it worked.
  2. dmdsmoxie, Thank you so much not only for your insight, but your time. That was a speedy reply - Bo (pet name) would, apparently, appreciate that! I had no idea he raced 97 times. All I could ever see in at GD was 45 races but that didn't add up because they didn't show how he got to AA. Thanks for clearing that up. I just about spit out my coffee when I gafawed at the term "early speed quitter." That is one part of the report that didn't surprise me. Thanks again. (Edited due to wonky punctuation - thanks, autocorrect!)
  3. If you have time and would be so kind, could you please interpret my grey's track record? Name: Fabulous Asset Sex: M DOB: Dec 01 2006 Coat: Red Brindle Thanks so much!
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