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  1. Her feet were on the ground, but I can tell she is trying to work it out. There are a couple of other trees that present a potential escape route and will have to be dealt with if she does. She's still pretty new, but she seems pretty high prey drive. This is a new one on me. Never had a dog who was both not super food motivated and high prey drive. I might have to put a field leash on her in the backyard.
  2. Thanks guys. She just roached for the first time for about 3 seconds. I was very close to getting a picture, but was just a little too slow. She is only just starting to come out of her shell. She's a bit underweight, and had been doing that not eating, but trying to hide the bowl under a blanket, thing. We finally figured out that she does not like poultry at all. Also really doesn't like canned food. Loves: all things beef and raw, but will also acquiesce to Orijen Regional Red. She's been eating really well since we we switched. She definitely has higher prey drive and is more agile than Irene was. She is pretty much constantly hunting. And the way she leaps and stretches out her body, like that picture above, is really impressive. I would never leave this dog out in the backyard alone, 6-foot fence and all. I have a whole new routine around the morning outing. Make coffee first. Drink coffee while putzing around the backyard. I have a feeling my yard is going to be looking pretty great this year, since I need something to do while she looks for squirrels. Irene was pretty much all business in the morning. This morning I was picking up debris and she surprised me by charging up to me, skidding to a play bow and taking off again. I thought it was cool, because she mostly doesn't notice me at all when we're outside, unless I am a within a foot of her nose with a piece of cheese. I'll post more pictures as we go. She is settling in nicely and doing very well, I think, and definitely has brought some cheer to this house after losing Irene. Dogless is no way to go through life, amirite?
  3. I think she was trying to stop me from reading that book. She likes her prey drive just how it is.
  4. Adopted for real. She tried to sit on my husband's lap on first meeting, but couldn't quite figure it out. That sealed the deal. She's really a love.
  5. We decided to find out for ourselves. Meet Hazel (aka Dinka, Dinker, Dinkey or Dinks).
  6. I am also a worrier, and a rule follower, so if someone tells me not to do it, there is no way I would risk my dog's safety. I just wanted to verify what the thinking was. Don't know where I will end up. Gonna take it all in, meet some dogs, see how it feels and go from there. Thanks so much for the perspective. I really appreciate it.
  7. Thanks, GreyhoundPoet! After all this information, and frankly, it's just confirming what I expected, I will probably foster and just see if I can make a podenco happy in my home. My greyhound was super easy for the most part. Not into mischief, not even particularly clever for a greyhound. I think the only thing she ever stole and ate was a post-it note, and that was mostly out of frustration. You could pretty much trap her in a room by putting an extension cord across the exit. Irene loved to walk more than the average greyhound, but she could also live without it. I'll have to see if I can actually handle a dog dog, instead of a cat dog. I'm willing to try it out and see. Would you say they have the same issues with recall that greyhounds have? Like you wouldn't trust them off leash?
  8. Impressive. I can't wait to see this notorious energy in person.
  9. Oh, we're not planning to bring another dog in until the end of the summer, so plenty of time in any case, and we'll probably foster to begin with, either way. Although, I can well imagine that after a visit with the dogs our timeline might accelerate.
  10. I have been in touch with Rain, and I am planning to go out to meet her and the dogs in the next month or so, but I am trying not to drive her crazy with too many questions until then. Even if we ultimately decide that podencos are not for us, I still want to help. Thanks for the info and the perspective and the Dutch website!
  11. OMG... "the CDC recommends euthanasia of infected dogs due to their concerns of spreading the disease and its zoonotic nature." I get it, but, ouch! So, when they say it sometimes doesn't show up for years, does that mean it can't be detected or they don't show symptoms?
  12. It's called Hound Sanctuary. They are in Warrenton, OR, near Astoria. We have a 6 foot fence, but I have the same feeling, that they should not be unsupervised. My feeling was also that they do not seem as fragile as our noble greyhounds, skin not as thin. What about diseases? Like we have to be aware of tick-borne diseases with greyhounds, I assume these dogs are coming in with parasites as well. Any other interesting health-related differences? I like the sound of a cuddler. Irene had pretty bad sleep aggression. We had to love her according to her rules, bless her soul.
  13. For the last year or so I have had my eye on a newish podenco rescue. They were in California when I first discovered them, but have now moved to Oregon, about two hours away from me. I have been thinking about getting involved with this rescue for a while, but since Irene died, I have been positively obsessed. I definitely want to help the founder get established in her new region and help with outreach and fundraising in Oregon. What I can't decide is if a podenco is right for my household. Greytalk, what do you say? How would you compare life with a greyhound to life with a podenco? I am concerned mostly with energy level. I live in the city, and have a smallish yard with a very high fence. I cannot think of a fenced dog park with a high enough fence, but maybe there is one. Although I never would have run her in an unenclosed area, Irene was not a flight risk in dog parks. She only cared about visiting the other dog owners and eating crab grass. What other differences are big enough to warrant consideration? I would take another greyhound in a heartbeat, but I am also taken with the plight (and the giant ears) of the podencos. Apologies if this is in the wrong category.
  14. If you can get your hands on a reasonably priced canine raw diet, they usually include bone meal which really helps pull things together. We always fed half raw half Acana kibble for very convenient poo.
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