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  1. My dogs would probably like me to shut up sometimes :) Embarrassingly, I was holding a friend's baby the other day and realized I was baby talking him the way I do Henry. "Oh, what a sweet little facey facey..." I don't think they realized.

    ETA: Also, "make better life choices" can be heard frequently at our house.

  2. I don't have experience with hookworms, hopefully someone else will weigh in, but I have done annual sedation cleanings on all four of my greyhounds over the 17 years I've had them in my life, with absolutely no problems at all. It's usually it's only one or two teeth, or the back couple that need cleaning, but by doing it proactively I've had maybe one extraction over all that time. I do all the bloodwork just to be sure it's safe every time. That said, being nervous is normal, the first five years with my first dog, I sat in the waiting room, just in case.

  3. The only dog I didn't rename had been in a "home" for 5 years post-adoption, that seemed too confusing on top of the horrible treatment he'd received by his adopters and then the change from living outside to foster home to us. Those just off the race-track I've renamed without any trouble. I never knew their kennel names anyway and it didn't seem to confuse them at all.

  4. Sorry I didn't see this in time, but yes, lidocaine is fine, good choice. I have had difficulty getting a deep webbing cut to heal (even with extensive stitching), but it eventually "healed" with a permanent split in the webbing and the dog retained full function and no pain, so even if it doesn't heal up in a pretty way, try not to worry. And yes, keep a really careful lookout for sores in between the toes.

  5. Prednisone, in my experience, will give you more happy, comfortable days, but may or may not extend life. We did see a rapid and complete reduction in lymph node swelling right after starting prednisone, when they came back, that's when we knew to start preparing ourselves for the end. Murphy was starving on it, we went to four meals a day, kibble supplemented with cooked meat. I don't know how common this is, but his iron levels dropped a lot, we chose to fix it with cooked chicken livers, but if we'd been willing to take him back to to the vet for bloodwork, supplements would have been an option if you can't deal with the liver.

  6. We're thinking of "fostering" a beagle who's heart worm is too advanced to treat, we'd be his hospice care/bucket list providers. Any experiences with this and what to expect? The internet seems to think it wouldn't put Henry and Leo at risk (plus they're on heart worm prevention), but is that right?

  7. I'm so sorry you're facing this, I'm also in the better a day to soon camp but I know it's hard. Some things that might make it easier for you. At home euthanasia if possible. I've had all mine cremated along with a favorite toy, not sure why but it made me feel better, this has never been an issue, just tell the vet. Expect to feel lousy for a while afterwards, it does not mean you made the wrong choice, and it will get easier even though it doesn't feel that way.

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