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Greyhound Epilepsy Study

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I'm new here with a retired racer I was fortunate to bring home 6 weeks ago : )

I see that this thread is really old and hasn't been commented on in a while but I'd love to know what has been found out since! Is there a summary or the latest studies posted on greyhound epilepsy anywhere on this page? It's my first day on this page so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious.

I'd love to educate myself about this topic (as well as any other grey dis-eases) to do my best to PREVENT my sweet girl from having any of these issues.

Thank you very much for the help and I'm SO SORRY for your losses and existing conditions! :'( I can't even imagine dealing with / watching an animal suffer and pass away prematurely due to disease(s).

So so sorry!!!

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