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Average Greyhound Owners Age

Guest BuddyDaddy

How old are you?  

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  1. 1. How old are you?

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    • 55 and up

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I guess I'm at the top end too.

55 but yes.... feel like 35, I find this the ideal age.

Here in Belgium you can switch to working 80% after the age of 50, the governement pays you the loss of salary.

An offer I could not refuse :lol: and the first thing I did was adopt a greyhound, the best decision of my life.

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Guest Sweetreba

I adopted my female in August and my male in November. They are 6 and 7 yrs. old. Always loved large dogs. Wanted a quiet and calm dog cause I live in a condo. I ended up with two. My two do great and I am a female of 65.

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Guest mbarson

I am 55 and and up and up and up stop there! I have a beautiful black girl who we adopded in December 2008. Maggie is about 13 years old and was found abandoned on a country road. My wife and I adopted her before she was to be sent to the pound. My wife and I feel very lucky to find such a wonderful Greyt near trhe end of her life. Maggie is adorable but showing her age

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Guest eaglflyt

I'm 53 and hubby is 52. We live on a farm and have many animals. We just adopted our very fist grey a bit more than a week ago. Ady Bea is beautiful and very loved. She's black with some white and a lovely girl that has added greytly to our home. I had wanted a greyhound for the past 11 years and finally the time was right! :D

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Guest court448211

Hello all,

I am 26 and single. I have one grey myself that is 7 and I foster through one of the groups here in columbus. Love everything with the greys but I am one of the youngest around the area

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