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Saw A Sign Last Night

Guest Sara

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Guest auntiesara

What a loving boy to send his mom a special sign! We always said thatthe Greyhound on the bus looked like Angel Blackie-similar build. It is so hard to pick up the urn but at least he's home with you now.



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Guest vwagner1



Oh sweet sweet Hank...


What a sweet boy to give you a sign that he is thinking of you too. He let you know he is watching over you and will always be with you.


Kim sends healing kisses your way!

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So last night I got the call from the clinic that Hank's ashes were there and I could come pick them up.  I was really scared of how I would react when they handed me the urn.  Just a few nights before I had walked in with my beautiful baby boy, still warm, soft and snuggly, now I had to take home an urn.  So I walk in and am waiting for a long time.  (they were busy)  Finally they get it and bring it out to me.  I clutch it in my arms and carefully set it in my passenger seat of the car.  So I'm really bummed & sad, missing him so much.  I pull out of the parking lot, turn the corner and am sitting at a stoplight.  At that exact moment a greyhound bus comes through the intersection right in front of me and turns and then goes out of sight.  And all I see is the huge picture on the side of the bus with the grey stretched out running.  I immediately started bawling and I said out loud "thankyou so much Hanky for sending mommy that sign".  I have Never, Ever seen a greyhound bus in town!  And the fact that it was right at that moment, exactly after I had picked up his ashes, well I really think it was for a reason.  So I felt a little bit better, knowing Hank was trying to tell me he was ok, and he was running around like crazy up there at the Rainbow Bridge.



Wow. Shivers! What a great sign.

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