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I Still Haven't Forgotten You, Bridget

Guest Tenderhearts

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Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of your passing over the bridge. You were my first forever dog as an adult, and what a joy you were. You were my Benji girl, the one who got all the looks and comments when we were out and about because you could have been Benji's twin sister :) You were the runt of the litter, the one no one else wanted.


You were there during the worst of times during my battles with addictions, and you were there when I started my recovery. You were there when my youngest daughter was born during the start of my new life, and you were there when I had doubts I could stay clean and sober.


You were there when I enrolled in tech school at the 'old' age of 35, you slept with me every night, curled up against the back of my legs, letting me know it would be okay.


You passed over the bridge in my arms that day that I was waiting on the test results, and for that I will forever be grateful. I am glad you left this world in my arms, knowing how much you were loved, and special you were.


I still miss you, my Bridget girl, you are forever in my heart :heart

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Guest auntiesara

What a special girl! I know how much she helped you through difficult times-my dogs help me too. I noticed how she slept against the back of your legs-that's what my Tango(badly abused Doberman-Whippet)does.We never forget our Angels!



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