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Kim Hrabe Obituary


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Last update: November 3, 2004 at 6:30 AM

Kim Hrabe dies at 44; she rescued greyhounds

Ben Cohen

Star Tribune

Published November 3, 2004


Kim Hrabe of Richfield, a mother of two, a wife and a full-time registered nurse, made time for another passion: finding homes for greyhound racing dogs that were no longer race-worthy.


Hrabe, president of the 2004 Minnesota chapter of the Greyhound Pets of America, died Oct. 18 after the car she was driving collided with a truck in Cottage Grove. She was 44.


She worked with track officials and racing trainers to save unwanted dogs from around the Midwest and Canada. She personally transported dogs to the Twin Cities to find them a permanent home -- but first ensured a foster home at her house or others' homes. She often nursed the retired racers back to health.


Her husband, Martin Hrabe, said she went beyond the call of duty for a volunteer position. "She loved her dogs," he said, adding that she devoted 15-30 hours a week to the organization.


Jennifer Jett, a chapter board member and adoption representative for the group that worked with Hrabe, said that their leader demonstrated innovation and enthusiasm. In Minnesota, Hrabe made sure she or other volunteers personally got to know potential greyhound owners. They began with a lengthy phone interview, sometimes as long as two hours, a follow-up meeting, and a $200 fee.


"She focused on profiling the people and the dogs," Jett said. "She pioneered this in Minnesota to make sure the families and dogs were compatible. It's so important that you don't just get a dog, but that you get the right dog."


The dogs usually come from tracks in Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri, the latter funneling dogs from around the nation to greyhound adoption groups. The Minnesota chapter also serves adopting families in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and nearby Canada.


From 1987 to sometime in 2003, the organization found homes for 60,000 dogs. The Minnesota chapter found homes for more than 70 dogs in 2003 and about 50 so far this year.


Hrabe, who was a greyhound owner herself, was a graduate of Chanhassen High School and earned her nursing degree at Garden City Community College in Kansas.


In addition to her husband, she is survived by her daughters Hannah and Jennifer; mother, Linda Palmer of Richfield; her father, Ron Palmer; brother, Scott Palmer of Brighton, Mich.; and sister, Kelli Palmer of Richfield.


Services have been held.


Ben Cohen is at bcohen@startribune.com


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