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Nine Years A Go Tomorrow

Guest Am_04

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Tomorrow brings a day of mixed emotions; on Septembe 21, 1995 I lost my first dog and my one true "heart dog" to cancer. Tomorrow is also the day that Toby turns two years old.

As the years pass I continue to miss my boy it's hard to believe it has been this long. Shadow was taken from me far too soon at only five years of age, he was three when we found out he had Osteosarcoma the vet gave him six months, Shadow didn't like those stats and held on for another two years; in the end he passed away in his sleep I was only eleven, he let go because he knew I couldn't. I owe him a lot, if it wasn't for him I'm sure I woudln't be as involved in dogs as I am, that is something I cannot imagaine not having, he was a fighter one I will never forget. As I'm writing my eyes are feeling with tear's nothing I can say can do him justice he was truley one of a kind.


Rainbow Bridge Page





The above picture is the last one I have of him, taken a couple of days before he passed.

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I am so sorry. I know how much it hurts. :(:f_red


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Guest patti909

That hurt never goes away. In 1991 I lost my first dog, Katrina, a standard poodle mix (supposed to be full bred). She was so very special to me and I still miss her. At Christmas I still hug her stocking and hang it up.

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Guest mohawkgreys

So sorry for your loss! I was only 11 when I lost my Spitz/Sammy/Pit bull mix.The hurt is still there,and I can sympathize. God bless you and comfort your heart.

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Guest auntiesara

Tears here too. He was so brave to stay with you and your family so long out of love even through the terrible pain of osteosarcoma. (We lost 4 to this illness....) I can see what a lovely personality he had through his photos. it helps to be involved with the new dogs in your life, but there is still a big hole in your heart for the lost one.



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