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George ( Lucky Pick )

Guest shirley

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Guest Georges_Mum

Thanks so much to Shirl for posting about our beloved George. She is a dear friend indeed.


I didn't actually know about this topic until I started to recieve messages from people who know me from other lists, and had put 2 + 2 together. The support is much appreciated, and a huge thank you to everyone who has posted :)


George was our big beautiful brindle boy, and our first failed foster. No one wanted him because of his age (6 years) and his size. I will always be greatful that we were the ones who got to share 5 precious years with him. The people who turned him down don't know what they missed.


George was a therapy dog for many years, and bought a lot of joy to many people. He came with me on homechecks, and because of him there are lots of greys who found their forever home.


The house seems empty now :weep:weep


I once read a Haiku on the Greyhound 'L' and I always remembered it - it sums George up perfectly.


Some say a greyhound is too lean.

But Georgie knows

'to lean' is a verb


Thank you for giving me a place to write about my boy. He has a page on My Webpage which will be updated as soon as I can type more than 3 words before I am crying so hard I can't see the screen.


Fiona in Switzerland

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