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2004 Greytalk Donation Drive

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Now, well into its fourth year of operation, Greytalk has an established web presence. During the first two years I had taken the sole burden of all operating costs. In April of 2003 Greytalk began accepting donations after turning them down in the past. Our donation drive went very well. In the last year due to donations, we have been able to cover all monthly reoccurring operating expenses and introduce new features and options. Just some of the benefits we have seen already are:

  • New more powerful server
  • Reviewpost Software Visit
  • Photopost Software (GT Support Gallery) Visit
  • RealChat Software (our chat room)
  • Registered version of our Forum
  • Many server side additions to keep things running smoothly and securely.
  • New Support Ticketing System (not ready to debut yet)
Total operating expenses from April 2003 through April 2004 were $3205.10


We still have a few dollars left in our piggy bank, but it is thinning out. Just in time for our annual donation drive to kick off again. :)


If you feel Greytalk has ever given you something to think about, saved you a trip to the vet, saved you money on food, toys, or helped you sell your own product, I'd like to ask that you please think about making a donation. I try to think of Greytalk as a magazine or an online digest. If you feel the same, please think about making a “subscription” donation.


Last year we went into this blind and did not officially offer any bonus for those who made donations. I wanted to test the waters and see how the community did. You all did great, and I really appreciate it. Those who did donate know that we did in fact offer benefits even if they were not advertised.


GT Support


Members who make a donation are put into the GT Supporter group. In addition to taking an active role in the development of Greytalk, here are some of the additional benefits which will remain part of your profile for one year from the date of your last donation.

  • Logo GTsupport.gif
  • Personal Photo Gallery with full control and remote linking to the forum. A Photo Album link will also appear in your profile so members can easily find your pictures if you choose to make them public. See the Gallery HERE
  • Edit your posts anytime, not just within 30 minutes of posting
  • PM more than one (5) people at the same time, no more copy/paste to different users
  • Store 100 PMs rather than 50
  • Avoid flood control (Posting too fast)
  • Attach images into every forum, not just the Cute and Funny... forum.
  • Access to a Special "GT Support" forum, for any other needs


I have made 2 new links on the forum. In the upper right of the blue banner, you will see a “Make Donation” link, and also a new button at the bottom of the main page. They will take you to another information page, after which, you can make a decision whether you would like to make a donation.


This year you can also check the status of your “subscriptions” You can see when they were made, what denomination, and also when they expire. Click “My Controls” then “Support Greytalk”



Thank You,


Jeff Rosenberg



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This is also a good time to renew your GT Supporter status if you were one of the first takers last year. Today April 16th is the first day that many of the original donation “Subscriptions” start to expire. Check your account today :)


You can check the status of your “subscriptions” You can see when they were made, what denomination, and also when they expire. Click “My Controls” then “Support Greytalk”


To see a sample of what it will look like, click HERE


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GT has been so wonderful for me this week. EVeryone has helped me so much dealing with Sparks dog bite.

I want to give a donation, just have to pay his vet bill first. But I will give one.

Thanks everyone!


Kari and the pups.
Run free sweet Hana 9/21/08-9/12/10. Missing Sparks with every breath.
Passion 10/16/02-5/25/17

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Done deal Dude! :)

Wendy and The Whole Wherd. American by birth, Southern by choice.
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Guest jade1046

Athough I'm new to the greyhound community, your site has been invaluable for someone like me. Thanks for doing a great job! My contribution is on the way.

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Thanks everyone :)


what exactly is a "subscription" donation, versus a "regular" donation? Is it a monthly donation, or is it a higher amount?


They are the same really, I just call it a "subscription" since we do offer benefits that expire after one year.


We do not have a set donation amount, so "subscription" might also refer to the estimated cost of a magazine for those who have no idea what they would like to donate.


Some have donated once per year, some all throughout the year, and some choose not to donate. It all depends on the person, and what your current situation may be.


I try to make it easy, keep Greytalk going, and not make anyone feel out of place if they can only make a small donation, or none at all.


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Guest berettagt5spd

Is there any way to donate without using paypal or something online as I do not have a credit card and I just closed out my checking account last week but I would love to help out

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Guest ProudGreyMom
Oh, I forgot, someone asked for a pic like this :lol


Will admin/code for donations :lol

Excellent!!!! I always tell my boys to get a tin cup and go beg for donations. :lol

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OK I'm having a blonde moment... How do I just send a regular check?? You know I'm anti-pay pal and all :lol

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Well, I donated just last month, but I'm going to make another donation in Cody's memory "cause you guys have been so great through the whole horrible thing.




edit for sp.

Edited by kjw


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I just hopped on the bandwagon! :)

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Thank you Jeff, for all the hard work and giving us a place for us greyhound junkies to loiter. :)

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