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How Often Does Your Grey BARK?

Guest SmilingSara

How often does your Grey bark?  

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  1. 1. How often does your Grey bark?

    • once/month or less
    • 2-3x/month
    • once/week
    • a couple times/week
    • about every other day
    • about once/day
    • about twice/day
    • more than twice/day
    • multiple dogs have VERY different barking habits (if close then average them and chose an answer above).

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Guest SmilingSara

If multiple dogs' barking habits are similar, then please average them and choose one answer. If they're very different, choose the last option.


Gordon: twice/week, only when REALLY excited for a walk.

Gracie: twice/day! at other dogs, paperboy, nothing, etc. part of her spunk!

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true has only barked inteh house once in 6 months.


at the dog park she occasionally lets out a bark or two when playing, but usually not. she will growl while playing with other dogs tho.

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Zema will bark once or twice a day -- to get me or Batman to play with her, or maybe because somebody new is walking past the house .... Batman will *occasionally* give out a single bark at Zema if she ignored his curled lip and tried to lie down where she wasn't supposed to. Otherwise, he doesn't bark. At all. Ever.

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Guest CarolynS

Legman only whines, never barks and Sara only barks at the dog park when she's on "fun police" patrol. I see it as trash talking, which is part of the reason they stay muzzled in those places!!!

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We taught Paradise the command "Speak" (which I now regret - because that is the one that she pulls out if we are giving her a command that she doesn't understand :rolleyes: ) so she barks several times a day.


Iceman rarely ever barks.

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Minnie barks a lot every day! She loves to let the world know she's around. :)


Bear has only barked a couple of times in the two and a half years since we adopted him. But he's very talkative. :)



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Guest eastcancoast

Silk didn't bark for a few weeks, however, I have a Sheltie that barks when a leaf/snowflake falls :hehe The other day someone came in and Mickey was barking and I heard this strange deep woof. Silk didn't move from the couch she just wanted to add her :2c She has done it once since.



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Guest ZiaGrey

More than 2X a day. (DH says too often! :) ) We live in the country and he can go out anytime, so the squirrels and bunnies keep him hopping. And barking! :lol When he's inside, his bed is right by a window that overlooks the bird, bunny and squirrel feeding area. Also our cats are on the other side of the sliding glass door. He's barking now! :lol

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Argo only barks when he wants someone to play with him. (Which he does very rarely, only with someone new in the house)

Artemis does the play-bark thing too, but more often.

Icarus barks when we're getting ready to come inside the house, when we're getting ready to eat, or if he's hungry. :lol Yes, Icarus is our barker boy!


Argo and bridge babies Artemis, Icarus and Iris.

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Buddy barks at other dogs (not greyhounds).


Ruby barks mostly when something scares her--she's my chicken. The doorbell will make her bark, as well as "bad noises".


Rascal doesn't bark much, sometimes to get DH to play, but mostly in response to one of the others barking.

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They bark on and off all day long. Any delivery to my house or any house around me gets them barking.


There are different kind of barks. I can be in another part of the house and I can tell by the bark who is doing what to whom. Blitzen has this short clipped bark when Simone is blocking him from getting on his bed. I yell her name and I can hear her tags jingle as she gets up and allows him to pass.

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Guest BetsieL

both of mine are very vocal -- i think they forgot to read that section of greyhounds for dummies! :rolleyes:


trudy will bark in the house when she sees people on the street sometimes. she barks, then it turns into this sort of mouth-full-of-peanut-butter bark, then a whine as she runs up the stairs to hide :P she will bark at me when it's time to play or time for a rawhide. considering she was a shy, scared, timid little thing when we brought her home last year, i don't mind at all :blush


clyde barks in the house when he sees other dogs. he will bark outside when there is a squirrel in the tree. sometimes he barks at far off noises. he also barks when he plays. when he wakes up in the morning, he makes quite the racket whining, groaning and rolling around in his bed :youcrazy

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Patrick almost never barks, whining on the other hand...

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Guest Jengonetothedogs

So many non-barking Greys! What are the odds, then, that all 3 of mine would be barkers?!


Patsy: barks whenever we play keepaway & I try to sneak closer to him...he also screams [there's no other word for it] whenever I come home from being out.


Dottie: barks at anyone coming to the door, at squirrels or cats she isn't allowed to chase, at birds on the feeder...


Aggie: barks CONSTANTLY to try to elicit play from the other pups. Did I mention that she does it CONSTANTLY? :crazy

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Blue was taught how to bark by the other doggies at the rescue centre. he barks at cats, dogs, people, hedgehogs, and strange noises, or at me when he wants to play...


i don't think anyone has told him he's a greyhound, he thinks he's a puppydog.


Wayne Kroncke

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Guest GreyhoundMama

Gryffin barks several times per day. Sorsha hardly ever barks at all. And of my iggies? Merlin play barks daily. Luna barks any time someone comes over to visit, and sometimes during play, and Rosie barks hardly at all at home. Get her out on a hiking trail, though, and tiny little Rosie barks at every other dog she sees. A fiesty little one, Rosie is! :)


Out on the trails, Gryffin and Sorsha don't ever bark.

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Guest greybeliever

I have had Douglas a little more than 1 year & I think I have heard him bark twice. Skye, on the other hand, barks at least twice a day. Always first thing in the morning to get me out of bed, & then when she has to go out (if I am not paying close enough attention) & at dinner time if I am late getting it ready. Much to my relief, they do not bark more than this. I thought for sure they would pick that bad habit up from my border terrier who barks a fair amount (mostly at strange noises). Even when Skye does bark, it is not a constant barrage, but just one or two barks as if to say "hey". It is a real hoot when people come to the front door. All 3 dogs come running, greyhounds are silent & my terrier is barking non-stop.

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