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Skunk Spray Remedy


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Posted by Sandi J


...Faith got sprayed by a skunk(peeeuuuu) and I tried all the regular remedies. Finally I called the track and was told to use 3 parts(a part is whatever container you are using to measure ex: a measuring cup etc.) of Scope ( I used Wal-Mart brand) one part shampoo ( any kind) , one part white vinegar and one half part baking soda. Mix the liquids well then add baking powder and stand back because its going to foam up. I felt like Ricky Ricardo making Arroz com Poulho. My son and I slapped this mixture all over her and she took off running around the yard like crazy. We let it stay on until it dried and the baking soda turned white then washed her down. The next day sniff sniff... aahh perfect...


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