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I have recently adopted a 5 year old bitch ex racer agincourt eve was her racing name

she is a beautiful friendly dog but doesn’t know about treats or toys

is this normal and if so how do I introduce these things


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She's a very pretty Irish girl! 

How long have you had her? She's probably still adjusting to her new life.

If your adoption group didn't provide you with any information, check out this GFNC page for several pdf downloads regarding a new adopter's guide, what every greyhound adopter should know, and several others.


This is also a must-read: https://www.greyhoundfriends.com/2022/06/lost-greyhound-booklet/

Each of those links will come in as a free pdf download hosted on the Greyhound Friends of North Carolina website.




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Some ex-racers warm up slowly to toys.  Their idea of fun is running around, chasing things.  A hound who doesn't react to most toys may be lured down that  path with stuffed toys resembling animals.  Particularly ones that have squeakers.   Another toy that many hounds go bonkers over is a "flirt pole" or "lure pole."  It's basically a strong stick with some sort of rope at the end, to which you can tie a stuffed toy or even just an empty plastic bag, then twirl it around the dog.  Outside, if you value your furniture and decor.  

But some hounds lead happy lives with no interest in toys.  

Treats -- I've never had a dog who wouldn't wolf down anything it could get.  Could your girl (what are you calling her?) be shy of taking food from people's hands?  Try placing something smelly that she will eat from her dish near you, and being quiet if she approaches and eats it.  Then gradually over days get it closer to you, and then finally in your hand.  

Enjoy the process as your girl blooms into her life as a pet.  


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