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Rewardables Hide Free Chicken Recipe Chew for Dogs

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My nephew had good intentions  and bought a treat for my greyhounds called "Rewardables Hide Free Chicken Recipe Chew for Dogs'" as a Christmas Present for them from Costco. I open the bag and decided to read the ingredients. It contains sorbitol and from what I have googled on the net, it sounded like that was not a good food for cats and dogs. I make their meals at home.  Just glad that he did not give that to them when I was not home. Good thing to watch the good intentions for pets from family members during the Holiday Season. Has anyone given their greyhound food made for dogs with sorbitol in it? I have always read that artificial sugars were harmful. Sorbitol question apparently came up in 2013 and 2017 questions. But I could not find out if it is safe for Greyhounds as a treat. Does anyone have comments or experience with this sugar substitute? If so would you kindly share what you have discovered. Thank you. 

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I can offer up that xylitol is lethal to dogs.  Supposedly, sorbitol is o.k. but feel free to check more academic resources besides this one



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Sorbitol is in most dog toothpaste.  I had a hard time to find one that didn't contain it.  Makes me assume (you know when you assume) that in small amounts it should be ok.

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