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Help- our greyhound freezing is getting worse!

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Hi all! 

We recently adopted a 3 year old ex racer, she’s had no history of abuse or trauma and to begin with she was great walking on lead at her new home with us. But the last week or so she’s been really bad for freezing up/statuing to the point of it becoming upsetting (we're talking 15 minutes in the same position). We've tried treats, either following a trail of them or putting them closely to her mouth and then kind of running with it, we've tried toys, turning round in a circle with her, gently pushing her shoulders or from behind but nothing seems to help. It's usually when she has seen something in bushes or shrubs but like I said she wasn't this bad for it when we first got her. If anyone has any advice before we try a dog behaviouralist or trainer it would be much appreciated! :( 

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Congratulations on adopting your new girl. What is her name? You're still very early in the settling in process and everything is new to her. This is just one of many threads here about statuing - check this forum for other threads where you'll find more suggestions from folks who have been where you are with a hound who just doesn't want to move.

Hang in there, it gets better :)

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Yes, as Jan said, it will get better! We adopted Doolin in late June and observed the same pattern. He was fantastic at walking for the first few weeks and then started freezing quite badly. We took a break from walks for a couple of weeks, and verrry slowly we made progress and were able to get him moving again. Your girl was probably operating on autopilot for the first few days/weeks (the "honeymoon period") and is now coming to terms with the big, scary world and her new reality.

Do you have a fenced area where she can do her business? If not, one other thing that worked with Doolin was putting him in the car and driving a short distance away to walk him. It seemed like he was freaked out about our immediate neighborhood, but he'd walk elsewhere happily. I also suggest getting a harness if you don't have one, as it's much less likely to cause injury than a lead+martingale if you have to pull her gently.

You don't say how long you've had your girl, but the general rule is that 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months are all milestones for a dog settling in, and I'd say that's been pretty accurate for us. We're just getting to the 3 month mark now, and Doolin is back to walking well. Of course I must admit that the thing that has worked best to boost his confidence is adopting his sister, but he was making steady gains even before that. Hang in there!


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Yes to all of the above. Don't force her, greyhounds have long memories! We had a super anxious first hound, and her permanent cure was to adopt a braver brother. However, taking it slowly and driving her to trails she liked worked for the three years before we did that. 

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The unofficial motto of being a greyhound owner is "Time, Patience and a Sense of Humour"

Another been there done that and threatened to take her back. It's a sharp learning curve for both greyhound and new owner but as the others have said, it does get better.

Apparently on my road a 6ft 2in man used to be seen carrying a black greyhound home with a look of exasperation on his face. But that was four years ago :D


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Thanks all for your advice! 
She's called Lady- but certainly doesn't act like one! Haha. It seems to only be shrubs/bushes she stops at presumably because she’s seen something. We try to take her round our closed garden/communal area which is quite sizeable just to go to the toilet but even then she heads straight for the same bushes. 
Both me and my partner are hoping that it does get better like you all say, it's starting to upset us because we know she's scared but we seem really helpless in being able to do much other than just stand and watch her stare with her tail between her legs. We'll keep being patient and fingers crossed it gets better- for now we'll just take her into the gardens then take it from there.

Much appreciated x 

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Yes.  Please take a step back with her.  Stop all walks for the moment and limit her time on leash outside to necessary potty trips.  Let her decompress and settle in a bit longer.  She will come out of her shell in her own time!!  Keep to a strict schedule of feeding and toileting - very calm and very consistent, even if you only walk to the same bush and back every time.  

She's also going through the process of learning to trust her new people, along with her new environment - both things she's never experienced before.  It just takes some dogs lots more time than others.  If you have friends or mentors in your adoption group with a calm friendly greyhound, see if they can come over for a visit and try out a short walk together.  If it doesn't work, don't force the issue.  It was just something to try that sometimes helps.

In a few months she will most likely let you know she's ready to expand her world a little more - looking around, sniffing, looking out the window at home, or going to the door with interest.  Then it's time to see how she does on a *short* outing.  Again, don't get excited and plan a mile hike around the neighborhood!!  Just a short walk down the block and back.  Same the next day, and maybe the next.  Then go a little farther and see what happens.  It may be a one-step-forward-two-steps-back thing for a while, but she will come around.

Let us know how she's going around Thanksgiving!

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I am closing in on the first year of being owned by Apollo.   The advice in this forum is very good. 

Routine/consistency and patience are the keys here, and having a sense of humor is a great addition.   One thing I've learned about greyhounds is that everything is brand new to them.   So it's pretty overwhelming at times.  Even things we see as regular daily things... the trash truck, people on the sidewalks, cars racing by, airplanes overhead... all of those things are brand new.   It's as if the universe opened up and threw everything at every one of their senses.

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contrary to what has been posted above-

vet check/blood work thyroid, communicate w/ adoption group- she may need to be part of a pack, if thyroid and medical check up are normal then a consult w/ a trainer/behaviorist but see if the adoption group will maybe split the cost.  

yes, routine and consistency are most important but this is not what you signed up for. she may need a rural setting with a fenced in backyard and no walkies. it's not you, it's her nature.

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