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I've been adopted!

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Well, technically I'm fostering him, tho I've already failed, and he is NOT going elsewhere.

Meet Max, a three-year-old Bull lurcher (staffirdshire terrier X Lurcher) He's in between the size of a greyhound/Lurcher and a whippet.

My beloved Poppy passed over the bridge in February, so he's the only dog in the house. He was turned in to the Lurcher rescue agency when his owners couldn't look after him any more. He was then adopted out to a couple, who then split up. Furthermore, he left Max with the woman. who then deserted him and their other dog.no food, no water, no heat. (guess he drank out of the everfull white seat in the littlest room. Anyway, someone rescued them and after some pampering and health issues, the doggy skeletor now looks like a dog again, tho I need to hide a few more of his ribs. He has major separation anxiety. Today , day 3 since gotcha day, we finally decided it's ok not to keep watching me all the time and that he can sit in my lounge chair in the living room. I started away training today, went out to water the plants for a couple minutes, he objected vocally to that, but settled fairly quickly. In and out 3 times, longer each, it's a work in progress. he knows some basic commands, Shush, lie down, sit, give me your paw, comes when called, fully house-trained, comes over and gives a little howl.

He reserves his barking for strangers ringing the doorbell, and a few dogs he decided he didn't like that we met walking.

They gave me a crate that was his 'safe place' and sleeping place, I set it up in the bedroom next to my bed for him with a padded diggy bed inside. When we went to bed, he went into his crate for about 2 seconds, came out and jumped on the bed with me, pushed his pointy nose under the covers and proceeded to push himself as close to me as dog-ily possible. He hasn't gone in the crate since. I think I'll fold it up out-of-the-way tomorrow



Wayne Kroncke

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Congrats to you both! :yay

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1 hour ago, Remolacha said:

:confetti Congratulations! Max, you are safe now :beatheart

Yes indeed! Congratulations on your new snuggle bug! :beatheart

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This is awesome!  Thank you for taking this boy in. 

I would leave the crate up and open while you are doing the alone training. since you will be slowly increasing the amount of time you're gone. You don't want to come home to find that you need to buy a new mattress at 10PM on a Saturday night because the current one is in shreds. :lol

We always had a crate setup for Rocket in our other house just in case he felt like he needed that space if we were goine for an hour or two. He usually only used it when there was a good sunbeam coming through that window, but the option was always there for him if he needed it. 

We are going to need to see more pictures of this boy as he settles in. 

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Max is both handsome and lucky. :beatheart


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Well done to you both.

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That body -- so sighty! (sighthoundy)  That head -- so staffy!  All wrapped up in that beautiful brindle!  

No wonder he has separation anxiety, with that history.  

Poppy would be so glad for the both of you.  Congratulations.  


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

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Congratulations to both of you!

He looks way more sighthoundie than I expected.

Lila Football
Jerilyn, missing Lila (Good Looking), new Mistress to Wiki (PJ Wicked).



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