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Underdeveloped puppy

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Hi everyone!

So here is the story, I adopted a 3 months old puppy back in October. He was gaining mass and was growing at a desirable rate, until he stopped when he was around 4 months old. He is happy and eats well, we fed him with AAA grade dog-food, however his growth seems to be stunted.
We had him dewormed multiple times, so I do not think this is the issue.
The only thing that comes to my mind, is that he is maybe suffering from dwarfism, or any other genetic condition.

We've seen the parents, and the mother is medium sized, but the father is more on the bigger side.
The vet told us he is healthy, and could see no signs of any other issues, besides his size. 

He was around 5.2 kg at 3 months.

At 3.5 months old he was 6.9 kg.

At 4 months he was 9 kg.

Now he is 5 months old and only 10.5 kg.

Any advice would be welcome.

TLDR: Well fed puppy won't grow, and he has no worms or diseases.

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This is a greyhound puppy, yes? Is the AAA grade dog food for puppies or adult dogs? Do you have any photos of him or his parents?


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Yes he is a greyhound puppy, I forgot to mention that, also he is not my first greyhound I had one for 12 years, but he passed away this summer.
I'm familiar with the breed, but I felt like reaching out, because I never seen something like this.

My first thought would be he is a whippet or whippet/greyhound mix, but we've seen the parents, so this is out of the question.

We feed him a mix of 50% kebble and 50% wet both are made for puppies, and are from the brand Nulo. 

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the parents but here is a picture of him taken yesterday as he turned 5 months old, his height is 47 cm.

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He certainly is adorable!

Maybe he's just the "runt" of the litter.  My childhood dog was a dachshund who was too large to be a 'miniature' dachshund but much too small to be a 'standard' dachshund despite being a purebred. It turns out he was a Standard dachshund, but the runt of his litter.  He was healthy and lived a long life (15+ years).

I don't know if the runt phenomenon is common among greyhounds, however--I haven't heard stories of any.  I just hope he remains healthy -- he is  so cute!


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If he's moving and behaving normally, eating and drinking the correct amount of food and water and his stools are normal, and as you say the vet can't find anything wrong, just accept that is who he is. A cute bundle of fun :D

He might have a sudden growth spurt like children do.

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Quick update:

It’s for sure now, that he’ll be on the smaller side of greyhounds.

At 8,5 months he’s around 17,7 kg and 55 cm of height.

As I mentioned earlier, he behaves and eats as normally, he’s just a bit tiny.

This is him currently, the dog bed he’s laying on has measurements of 120x80 cm.



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Our males averaged around 27kg so some males are smaller than others. He sure is a cute little fellow.

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Just had a couple extra thoughts...

He's still a puppy.  He'll continue to grow and have growth spurts until he's 18 months or so.  So he could still end up closer to "average" size.

Two things to discuss with your vet:

1)  Your vet can snap a quick xray of the end of the long bones in his legs and check on the progress of the closing up of his growth plates.  Once those are closed, he will have reached puberty and physical maturity, and he won't get substantially bigger (bone-wise) at that point.

2)  Investigate the condition of his heart.  Especially if you are feeding a grain free dog food.  Heart issues can slow growth and be very dangerous.  If possible have an ultrasound done by a competent technician (takes 20 minutes, no anesthesia involved) to check for congenital defects and other issues.  It's rare in greyhounds but it does happen.

He's adorably cute!!!  However big he ends up getting!!

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