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Sniffy's Foolproof* system for preventing accidents in the house!

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*based upon a scientific sample size of....TWO greyhounds :lol: !


I know that the following is not practical for most people, but it has worked wonders for me so I thought I'd share:

We had our first greyhound about 20 years ago.  At the time we lived in a house without any fenced-in yard/garden, so we made it a point to reserve as much as an hour in the morning for a neighborhood walk, then the same in the evening.  At midday we offered a quick walk, which Twiggy usually declined (I'd rather sleep, thank you!).  She'd never lived in a house before us (nor was she in a racing environment).  Somehow, she never once had an accident with us.

Fast forward to 2021, and we adopted Stanley, who has the opposite background:  a male, from a racing environment. We live in a different place, but still no fenced in yard. Very long walk in the AM and again in the evening, offer a quick walk midday (where he stands by the sidewalk for a couple mins, walks around the house, and wants to go back inside....to sleep some more).

In both cases, never an accident indoors.  ever. (albeit we've only had Stanley for a few months so far).

I have two theories behind our success:

  1. Abject good fortune. We are very lucky.
  2. Bladder and bowels absolutely emptied on a long walk. Take a dog out for an hour and they will pass by so many lamp posts, trees, fire hydrants, green spaces, that they absolutely cannot help but pee dozens of times (and poop several).  By then end of the walk, maybe a drop of pee will come out when they attempt to mark the 100th tree of the walk.  And on the third or fourth poop, hardly any will come out (but it will be on the runny side).  After a walk like that, I think they couldn't pee in the house even if they wanted to.

I know most people don't have the time for walks like that and are only able to let out their dogs in the yard for a short period of time, but I thought I'd share as this 'system' has worked for me. (it also forces ME to take long walks, which is an added advantage).



Off to take the PM walk now



Was a subscriber in the mid 2000s (the aughts!).  Reactivated in 2021.  What'd I miss?

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I follow a similar routine with my girl (ex racer, straight from kennels) but we do an additional pee break just before bed. She has had one accident but she had an upset tummy at the time.

Now that the days are so short it's no longer possible to get a full hour in before/after work. Im sure we will be back to 3 hour sniffaris when the evenings are long and warm again. 

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