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AbsoluteDogs Sexier than a Squirrel challenge

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I noticed a post in one of the other forums mentioning this and wondered if anyone has done it with a greyhound and whether it's easy to adapt to all the special circumstances they have!  Particularly interested in whether the games can be played on-lead, whether we could play any of them indoors, and do they have clear instructions for adapting to different shapes & sizes of dog? 

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I'm on day 17 of the challenge and really enjoying it. It doesn't feel like a chore like traditional obedience training and the difference in my hound is incredible. She's way more playful, affectionate, trusting and less reactive to other dogs. We haven't actively worked in the recall bits yet but we do play on-lead and in the house. So far most of the games are fine to do indoors but you may want to lower the energy levels. We have made a bit of a mess while tearing through the house together.

I do think they could show more training sessions with larger dogs/more reserved dogs. They mostly use very active and excitable small to medium size dogs for demos but they constantly encourage you to be creative and change the games to suit you/your dog. All the games would theoretically work with a greyhound but I'm pretty short so the ones where you need to get the dog running through your legs etc don't work for us. Even skipping those games I think we will have plenty of fun stuff to do for the next 2-3 months once you include all the free ebooks and videos and of course we repeat games. After that I suspect I will be buying another course.


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