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Greyhounds are generally sleepy dogs. :lol:  The first night with my first houdie was a bit unsettled because she did not want to sleep in my bedroom where I wanted her to sleep. Once I gave up and let her stay in the living room where she wanted to be, she was fine and there were no issues with it.  Wiki is more of a velcro hound and the first night I just went to my bedroom and she followed me and went right to the dog bed I had in there and stayed there all night.

Most of the time if they can be near you, they are fine.

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Along with everything else in his life, he has to get used to entirely new wake-sleep schedule.  It will take him as long as it takes him to get used to this, and settle into his new home life.

Make sure his bed is adequate, in or near your bedroom, out of direct drafts.  If you keep you house or room fairly cool he may be waking up by being chilled at night.  Give him a blanket or light coat/PJs to wear to keep him warmer.  Take him for last outs right before bedtime, and see if giving him a *small* snack before bedtime helps.  They often will wake up if their stomach gets too empty, barfing yellow bile or having loud noises.

If he's got hooks or other stomach issues he may be needing to go out to potty in the middle of the night.  This should ease as the issue is dealt with adequately.  If he's OK medically and still waking you up at night, just ignore him as much as possible until he settles down again.

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It's up to you whether or not your greyhound sleeps in your bedroom, downstairs or somewhere else. Grace happily sleeps downstairs and it took about a week of whining and crying (Grace, not me :D) before she got used to it. She goes for a last wee at 7pm now puts herself to bed around 10pm even if I still watching the TV and is happy to laze around until 7 ish when she tells me it's walkies time.

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