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Travelling to new locations


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We have had our 4 year old rescue ex racer for 10 months, when we go out to a new location on holiday ( he travels really well and loves being in the van ) when we get there ( beach, village, woodland ) he is very anxious and will not settle ie pulls on the lead, pants, just wants to get away, will not stay in one place.

Does anyone have any experience of this or be able to offer any advice ?



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Not exactly as you describe. Like yours, our boy can’t wait to get in the car if we are going somewhere, although he clearly doesn’t want to stay in the places we take him to (cafes, pubs, accommodation). Ours is very much a creature of habit and it does take him a little while to settle into new places if we stay away from home but we have overcome some of this by sheer determined practice. We take a rug/bed with us if we know we want to stop off for drinks (as well as water and chewy treats that will keep him occupied for a few minutes) and we expect the first night in a holiday home to be restless with broken sleep. But when we’re out on walks to new places he struts his stuff and loves exploring. If you’re not causing your dog any distress, just keep practising. Buddy would be very happy if all our days were spent with him on one bed, and us on the sofa next to it, but we want him to be part of our life, not dictating it. My advice would be to persevere and hopefully your dog will get used to it. Good luck!

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Does the problem start as soon as he gets out of the van or when he hears something? Grace is happy with going on new walks etc until she hears noisy children, even in the distance, and if they are playing football, that's even worse. In which case she does the same as your greyhound, pulls to get away panting.

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Hi all, many thanks for your responses, all very helpful and encouraging, we are going to try something that has been suggested to us which is when we get to a new place is to open the windows and just sit for five minutes so he can adjust to the new smells and sounds, fortunately he is very good with sounds and isn't frightened by any noises which is great, so as said we will keep persevering and hopefully he will adjust.

Thanks again  

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