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Heartworm Medication Guidance


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Hello:  I am a new mom 9/1/2021 to a retired 2-year-old greyhound. Racing name Precious.  New name Dusty (for now).  Dusty was given Advocate heartworm medication prior to me getting her and her next dosage is in a couple of day.  There was one site, but I think it was in Canada or Australia, but I am not having any luck finding Advocate from Chewy or Petmed Express or any other sites I have except for those mentioned.  My question is: is there some other type of heartworm medication that is okay for greyhounds that any of you have used and are happy with?


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Welcome, and congrats on your new family member! It looks like Advocate is the same as Advantage Multi, which should be easier to find: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/moxidectin-topical

I don't have personal experience with it, but I'm sure if you search the forum for "Advantage" you'll find some hits. Sweep has been on Sentinel for many years with no issues.


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I can confirm that Advocate is the overseas branding on the product that is Advantage Multi here in the US.  It is sometimes cheaper to buy it as Advocate from suppliers overseas, but with mailing and shipping like it is now, I would not take the chance. Petsupplyexpress.com is one overseas supplier that ships to the US. I have bought Advocate from them when we were treating hookworms on a long term treatment plan.  Since the pandemic affected shipping, it can take 1-3 months to get a shipment here now from overseas. 

You can use Advantage Multi if you want to stick with the Advocate.  I normally use Interceptor for our dogs monthly treatment and have had no issues with it. 


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I have used Heartguard Plus in the past.  I switched to Sentinel because the flavoring added to Heartguard didn’t agree with stomachs here.  


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Hello, dog owner,


Good to see that you are so concerned about the heartworm medication for your 2-year old greyhound. However, it was painful to know that you are struggling to find an alternative for the medication your dog needs.


It is not practical to recommend any medication here. I would recommend you take your dog to a veterinarian. You can consult the vet regarding this, or else ask the vet to refer you to a dog cardiologist in your city.

Heartworm is a daunting health issue among dogs, and you should not experiment with the medication the dog is taking. A vet is a suitable person to examine the dog, verify the medication and dosage and recommend or prescribe an alternative.

If you don’t know a vet, you can find one near you using an online vet discovery platform. Follow these simple steps to find a vet in your area:


  • Log on to the online vet discovery platform

  • Enter your city’s or metro area’s name in the search bar

  • You can also click on the state you stay, from the interactive map

  • Another option is clicking on the list item showing your city’s or metro area’s name (under Browse Vets by Location)

  • You get a list of top-rated vets in your area instantly. 

  • You can further dig deeper by entering your 5-digit code in the search bar to get location-specific information.


The simplest way to find a vet is by clicking on the ‘Find Veterinarian Near Me’ option at the bottom of the page.


So, if you stay in Memphis, you get a list of vet clinics and hospitals in Memphis instantly. Browse through clinic profiles, ratings, and reviews. You can choose a clinic and book an appointment for your dog right away!

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