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Flea and tick treatment

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So I used my usual flea and tick spot on stuff and i was absolutely dreading it. My dog absolutely hates the stuff being on him and refuses to sleep when it's on. He just moves to different areas every 5 minutes and its impossible to sleep. I also feel bad because obviously he loves his sleep! I think it's the smell that gets him the most but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a product that doesnt make him act weird? I'm pretty sure it's the smell because he does try to itch it and his skin looks fine but I think he is trying to run away from the weird smell that's following him! Anyway I appreciate your replies!


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Which product are you using? 

You might have the vet suggest something else in case your dog is having a reaction to it such as it burning or irritating his skin. 


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Grace is on a vet care plan and has a Simparica flea and tick tablet once a month which I just throw in with her food.

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