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ACL Surgery

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My vet has recommended surgery for a partially torn ACL in my 6 yr old Greyhound, a rescue retired racer.  Has anyone else had this experience or can anyone offer good advice?  I'm just not sure what to do and would appreciate any feedback.  

Thanks so much!

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MaryA, if you do a search within this H&M section you'll find some information:



Was this a new injury or a possible older injury? I don't think that torn ACL injuries are common with greyhounds.


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Macoduck, thank you!  I did the search and learned some valuable information.  As for whether the injury is new or older, my vet thinks it may be an older injury we didn't know about and that got aggravated and now is acute.  Thanks again!!!

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Lua, my non-grey granddoggie, injured her other ACL about a year later.  Her original orthopedic surgeon had moved, so the new one did the surgery, and did a TPLO, so Lua has one of each and is doing just fine on both legs.

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