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ACL Surgery

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My vet has recommended surgery for a partially torn ACL in my 6 yr old Greyhound, a rescue retired racer.  Has anyone else had this experience or can anyone offer good advice?  I'm just not sure what to do and would appreciate any feedback.  

Thanks so much!

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my neighbor's dog, flat coated retriever, had ACL surgery. he recovered beautifully- it was a PITA since they live in a 2 family house with 2 huge flights of steps and the dog weighed 80+ lbs. but they carried him up and down and he was back to his crazy self in no time! 

another friend opted not to, their dog lived to 15 with a good gimp and limited mobility. would i have the surgery done on my pup- YES!

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I'd get a second opinion but thats just me based on my experience.  I presented my greyhound to an evet one day drop dead lame and in significant pain on his right rear.  Evet did NOT even do an exam or take xray or anything but told me "I watched you bring him in and it is his knee.  I will need to refer you to an orthopedist."  It was obvious to me there was something far more sinister than a bad knee with the pain level he was enduring etc so I begged the orthopedist to see him early and thankfully he was a caring vet and did!  When I presented the dog to him it took him all of a minute to do a quick exam in the waiting room and tell me that there was nothing the wrong with his knee, but he would find out what the problem was. Less than 10 minutes later he rushed into the waiting room and told me HIS LEG WAS BROKEN!!!!!  I shudder to think what could have happened if I would have trusted that 1st vet and let him have a broken leg untreated for the weeks required before being able to see the specialist.  I was further advised that it is extremely rare for a greyhound to have knee issues because of their excellent muscling etc. and the evet should have known that.  So I have learned ( through even sadder experience as well) to NEVER trust a vet-especially just one.  People get 2nd opinions for a reason to and I figure my dogs deserve the same consideration-especially in view of some of the horrid experiences I have had with vets.

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