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Male grey reactive only towards females

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Hello! Our 4-year-old boy has been with us for about 8 months now. He is very affectionate and sociable and loves every dog (and human) we come across on our walks. Doesn’t matter the breed, size, age - even with little puppies jumping in his face, he reacts calmly, playfully, and is very friendly. Only once did he growl a bit when a dog ran up from behind while he was pooping. 

however, when we’ve interacted with female greys, it’s a different story. Starts off well enough - they approach and sniff each other, etc - then something happens (it’s so quick, I’m not sure which one starts it) and they’ll be growling, jumping/lunging at each other. My boy will then get intense zoomies. Since we’re in the city, everyone is on the leash the entire time. I could be misreading the behavior - our boy’s body language by all accounts still looks playful (tail wagging, ears back, front legs splayed, lots of zooms) - but the female usually seems bored or annoyed by his presence. And he definitely does not react this way with any other dogs ever. 

Is this common / should I be concerned? Thanks!

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The difference is most likely in the type of growl.  Your description sounds like they are trying to play.  Greyhound play can be rough which is why greyhound events / play groups require muzzles on all dogs. Rough play can result in torn skin or other unintentional injuries.  

One of the things we've seen with our broodies is that they will invite other greys to play, but when the dog tries to play or run with them they act like they don't know how to respond.  As long as they aren't snarling at each other it sounds like they are fine. There is such a thing as a  "play growl" and it's a pretty standard part of play. 


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My girl Fuzzy (who is not a former broodie) growls and barks at my youngest Roman when he gets TOO excited. Or he wants to share the bed and she doesn't. Otherwise they get along just fine. 

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