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Night time howling

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We have had our grey (1.5yr old) for about a month and super proud of the progress we've made with him so far. He has no issues being alone during the day with free range of the house and a doggie door. The only issue is that he prefers to sleep outside (even though he has a bed in our room) and most nights around 3am he will start howling. We want him to have access to the backyard at night but unsure how to stop the howling or if it might be something he will grow out of eventually. Any suggestions or advice?

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I missed the original post so am just now seeing this. 

Is it possible he's howling in response to other howling, such as coyotes? We hear coyotes howling every night, and it can be nearby or way in the distance. If the the hounds are outside it definitely gets their attention.  If this is the case, I'm thinking your only option is to close the dog door and make him sleep inside. 

I think very few of us here have dogs that sleep outside. I've only seen it mentioned a time or two over the years. 


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Welcome!  What’s your boys name? Where do yi7 live?

I also have never heard of anybody’s Grey choosing to sleep outside overnight. Mine are all about the comfy warm beds!

Has he ever slept inside at night?  


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