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Greyhound pooped inside again

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We've had him nearly 2 months and he's definitely getting good at toilet training. Knows he goes out immediately after eating, gets let out first thing and last thing, goes pretty regularly on his walks. He had a few pee accidents inside but we've put that down to anxiety and it's pretty much stopped now.

However, this is the third time he's pooped inside in roughly the same place. Nothing's changed in his routine except possibly that we stayed up a bit later than normal last night. Is there anything more we can do or should do to help him out. Obviously if we're there later I'll take him out an extra time before I go to sleep but should we do anything like keep doors closed (to confine him to a smaller space)?

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He's likely giving you signals that you aren't seeing.  Sometimes they can be *very* subtle, or they can be very short term - as in, I need to go now (poop)!  Make sure you clean the spot where he's going with a good enzymatic cleaner.  If possible, block off the access to that spot later on.  And take him out if he starts moving around at all after his scheduled last outs.

It sounds like you're keeping him on a reasonable schedule.  He may just be one of those dogs that need extra outs if that schedule gets disrupted.  

I would also have a fecal check for hookworm and other parasites, even if he had a negative one before, as they can also cause increased urgency to go.

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20 hours ago, smithy said:

Nothing's changed in his routine except possibly that we stayed up a bit later than normal last night

Does that mean you got up a bit later and he pooped before you were awake? :D

A solution of biological washing powder/liquid has the enzymes to clean and kill the smell of accidents if you haven't got any cleaner specifically for that purpose.

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