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Regression or just normal?!

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Hi there, 

We've had our nearly two year old boy for 10 weeks and I firstly just want to say he's amaaazing and we love him so much already. He's incredibly affectionate, playful, loves people and picks things up REALLY quickly. He sleeps alone downstairs all night without a peep and he's making really good progress being left alone during the day now. 

My question is, when we first brought him home he was into EVERYTHING and we couldn't take our eyes off him for a second. After a few weeks or training he really settled and responded well to the command he'd (quickly) learned and stopped 'stealing' things 😂

But the last few days he's become much more vocal and has got his little cheeky head on again. It's only at specific times of day, usually mid afternoon before his walk and when he's waiting for his dinner post walk. After dinner, he's an absolute dream and just snuggles for the rest of the evening. 

Is he just testing boundaries or is it more of a regression? Or is he just bored and we need to find ways to manage him at those times of day? 

I also have to keep reminding myself that 10 weeks is Nothing and he's still a baby. Just want to make sure we're doing the right things, continue with training etc, and we'll come out the other side 😂

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He's acting like a teenager and testing the boundaries now he's settled in and got used to how his new home works. Keep on with the training and don't let him get away with anything you don't want him to not even once :shakefinger

By my rough calculation you've still got another 94 weeks before his full personality comes out :D

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Totally normal.  About 3 months or so after adoption, they really start to settle in, relax, and their personality begins to emerge.  Some dogs just pop out like a butterfly, and some take it little bits at a time.  Keep him on his schedule, keep going with his training, up his exercise (if possible), and remember he really is still a puppy for another year or so!

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Based on the timing, it sounds like he knows the routine and is excited for his walks. Maybe a chew bone or puzzle toy to keep him amused during those times?

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