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Hello everyone


Fairly new to the greyhound racing game despite having been regular on the betting front. My question is can you own a greyhound as a pet but train and race it yourself. If so is there any examples of this or is every grryhound kept in a seperate kennell.



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As this is a retired pet forum, you will most likely receive negative comments on your request. You'd get more appropriate info on an active racing forum, not a retired racer pet forum, I don't know one to direct you to though.


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I'm just a layman so am not a voice of authority,  While I believe that some/most owners in the UK train dogs outside the track environment it would be practically impossible to properly train a racing NGA grey if one just owns a dog or two in the USA.  You might look into lure coursing.


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If you are on Facebook check out the group called The Pro Greyhound Movement.  There are a lot of trainers and owners on there who could give you good advice.  And many of the professional racing kennels and breeders maintain FB pages and social media presence.

But, in general, which country you live in matters, as there are licensing issues for trainers/owners that vary greatly, costs, rules. etc.  Just the differences between the US and UK are pretty big.  As far as I know (which isn't very far), there's no legal barriers to owning and training your own dog, but no breeder or owner I currently know does it.  You should also contact the NGA (National Greyhound Association) in Kansas for information of rules and regulations.  That is the body that governs greyhound racing.

If you just want to compete with your greyhound, and have a fun activity together, there are many AKC approved opportunities including oval track racing (NOTRA), straight line sprinting (LGRA), lure coursing, and FASTcat trials.  Not money making endeavors, but really fun, and you can meet some really great dog people.

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