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Hey all, I have a Grey with pancreatitis. The vet came, prescribed meds, but my boy won’t eat. I’m syringe feeding him at the moment. He has turned up his nose at satin balls, chicken, and canned food. Any ideas? I’m calling the vet tomorrow to see if he’ll do sub q fluids. 

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So is my girl.

Watch the fat. That's what sets off the pancreas. And it is good to let them be as far as eating is concerned.  Give the pancreas time to calm down. 

When she is just starting to show signs I give her a Gas-X, tramadol and famotidine (which the vet has prescribed).

Once she feels like eating I give her rice and boiled chicken.  

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MP is right - if he's drinking he may just need a couple of days rest.  When you are over the hump Natural Balance Fat Dogs might be  good option at 7.5 % fat.   Poodle thrived for years on Natural Balance Ultra light but the discontinued it.   My vet tried to push w/d on me .  Just look at the ingredients and you'll see why I said no.  All oh Hill's senior and low far foods have cellulose high up on the list.  Cellulose is plant fiber so the food could contain anything from sawdust to cotton.

BTW - Poodle's insulin was the type that is $27.99 at Wal Mart.  Might check on that f you need insulin. 

:grouphug to you and your boy.

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