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My husband and I got a 4 yearold ex racer greyhound 6 weeks ago. He’s settled really well with us. He loves walks but when he sees any dog he pulls and gets over excited and will keep pulling till he gets closer to the dog. If he gets too close he will go to bite. we think this is playful but he cannot be trusted. We keep our distance every time a dog passes but he did bite a dog by its ear but that dog was off the lead and ran towards ours. He didn’t hurt the dog at all that’s why we think it’s playful but doesn’t look good! 
We keep our distance all the time with dogs. But worry if a dog is off the lead. He hates his muzzle and bangs his head on walls to try and get it off. 
Any tips on how to get him not to bite? Or get so excited to see other dogs. Is there a way we can control it. I tried to take treats out with me to distract him but he wouldn’t pay any attention he was just staring at what’s ahead. I tried turning around but he keeps looking back and stops all the time because he wants look at the dog. 
When there are no dogs around he’s an amazing walker and not fussed about people. Just very excited with other dogs. 
many adivse would be great! 

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Hi Beth and welcome to GreyTalk. It sounds like you've got the same problem as Regann.


Grace (Ardera Coleen) born 18 June 2014
Raced at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton UK - 68 Races, 9 wins, 5 second places
Gotcha Day 10 June 2018 

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