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Suddenly Gets Up, Skitters & Whines

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My Lily, almost 8, has been doing this occasionally for years. We thought it was from having a bad dream or a leg cramp. We usually pet her, talk to her, massage any tightness out of her legs, and she goes back to bed. 

Also, a few months ago, she had - I think - some kind of vestibular episode. It started out like I described above, but she was much more upset, lost her balance momentarily, and her eyes were darting back and forth. It passed in about 10 minutes, like nothing happened  

She’s been ok for months, but she just had another incident, her more usual kind (no crazy eyes or loss of balance). 

I was just wondering if anyone knows what these odd spells are, and if there’s anything that prevents them?  I don’t know if they are mild versions of what happened in that one weird incident, or if that was unrelated. 




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Eyes darting back and forth would be nystagmus, part of a vestibular episode. A couple of my dogs had it happen a couple of times They were quite old, did not progress into seizures, and required no medical treatment.



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