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Very vocal grey


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Good morning. I’m looking for some sound training advice for our sweet 3 year old grey.  He’s become very vocal while walking-started as talking / wiggling his butt and wagging his tail- when seeing people that he knows - and now is clearly talking a little but mostly barking. I need him to settle down- bring it down a few notches:  he gets so wound up when I go to pet his head: tell him shush (which worked one time and hasn’t worked since) he looks back at me and continues his barking. This morning he did this not once but twice to the same very quiet older golden- the golden was wagging her tail but our Tom was way out of control -  too physically excited - he's a big boy!. The  owner (a very nice gentleman thst we actually stopped and talked with one time before) looked at me like I am nuts to allow this behavior- unfortunately I agree!  

Please- I need him to listen/ be a little quieter.  Most of the time when he starts talking- I tell the human to whom he is talking- that he IS just talking.  Some people “talk back" and some will come to see him- most will continue walking and ignore him....which doesnt really stop it . Thank you for recommendations!. So appreciate it!. Tom's parents- Jim and LuAnn


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Hi. You haven't mentioned how long you've had the dog. As for training, the adoption agency should be able to give some suggestions about how you can help your dog to be less stressed. A course in basic training which uses only Positive Reinforcement meathods, would be a good starting point.

Without knowing more, I'd suggest your dog IS talking and saying "Please don't touch my head. I'm overwhelmed having this strange dog in my face. I'm tethered here and I can't escape."  The easiest and quickest way to help your dog, is don't do the things that makes your dog stressed and barking. EG: For now, keep ample personal space away from other dogs, for now pat your dog on the side or chest only when he is calm and relaxed, but alert.

Dogs bark for many different reasons. Every dog is an individual but they don't (generally) need to meet other dogs. They need to feel safe.  Cheers.


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