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dislocated toes?

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i have a greyhound mix. he lives to run and swim. all his toes are kinda buckled. witch is normal 3 weeks ago i dont know what he did, he had his front leg in the air and i can just see his face it wasnt good. the biggest thing his two middle toes on his front foot are flat? took him to the vet gave him some profen and sent him home. they were going to take xrays then changed their mind? dont know if im just being over paranoid or if i should take him somewhere else to get x rays? im scared to take him on his bike rides because i never really got a answer? he seems fine 90 percent of the time. sometimes he walks a little weird, has this happend to anyone else. i just went thru a knee surgery with my other dog so im pretty financially tapped but if i need to get my baby in i will do it? me and the vet talked about his flat toes they didnt seem to concerned?

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Hey my dog has dislocated his front toe once when we were playing at the park. By the time I got to the vet it popped back into place. They took xrays but everything was fine. The X-rays are mainly to make sure nothing is broken so it’s really up to you if you want them. I will say though that it took a month and a half before he was back to normal and able to run/ even go on longer walks again! So it could be that his toes are still tender. 

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