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Healthy Paws sucks

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I put a claim for CC's euthanasia to Healthy Paws.  2 pages, the detailed page which states in all caps EUTHANASIA and page 2 with amount paid.

They need more info. What more did they need? So I  called them up and they need the page that show before I paid it. The other 2 pages contained the amount owed in detail. Which I specifically said to him "house call $60, field call $60, euthanasia $60". So I said fine. The guy said thank you for calling Healthy Paws and take care of that fur baby. I yelled at him "it says euthanasia!  There is no fur baby " 

Another time I had sent in a  euthanasia claim. There was enough info for them to cancel the policy but not enough to settle the claim. **!?

They used to be so good until Evan Greenpile got hold of it. He ruined Chubb and now has ruined HP. 

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I am so sorry to hear this. First, because of the additional pain and stress they caused you. Like losing CC wasn’t bad enough? 

I am also sad that Healthy Paws has turned to cr*p, even though I gave up on pet insurance years ago. It sounded like Healthy Paws was a good company, and I almost signed up a few times. Glad now I didn’t.

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That is sad.  I suggest you contact them, and speak with a supervisor about the horrible way your claim was handled.

My experience for the past year, new with Healthy Paws, is that they process a claim within 2 days, sometimes in a few hours, and I am getting reimbursed for what my policy covers.

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