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New Here FastCAT question

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Hi all! Excited new owner of a retired racer Slatex Kamara, but we call her Mira (like Mira Mira on the wall who’s the fairest of them all :lol). She’s 3 years old raced 34 races and I can tell she loved it! She picked up fetch pretty quick and absolutely loves running flat out. I started researching lure coursing and came across some AKC FastCAT events in my local area (Memphis, TN) and I think she would have a blast doing that!

So, the reason for my post. I haven’t been able to find any coursing events not requiring the AKC reg. or just a get together (with the lure set up). A get together would be ideal as I don’t really want her to “compete” per se but just chase the lure and have fun. The local events all require AKC registration :angryfire, I looked up a PAL registration and it seems easy enough only caveat is... they ask what adoption agency did you adopt from? So I’ll have to put that. And why I want a PAL registration. So I’ll have to put that. On the adoption contract it states “this greyhound will be kept solely and exclusively as a pet, and will not be used for racing, breeding, hunting or laboratory experiments.” I’m not sure if FastCAT counts as “racing”.

So, I’m going to call the adoption agency and see if fastCAST is specifically off limits. If they say it’s alright, I’ll get the AKC PAL registration and enroll her in the local fastCAT. Case closed.

I’m wondering what options I have if they say no to FastCAT? Does anyone know any local lure coursing events Memphis, TN (or Virginia Beach, VA. I’m moving in July)? Any other activities that can be found locally(not looking to drive more than an hour)? Again, I’m not looking for her to compete and do not plan on making this a super frequent thing. Just a little fun every now and again when time affords. 

Thanks all, and glad to be here!

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You're putting way too much thought into this.  You own the dog, do a PAL registration and have fun with your dog.  

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FastCAT isn’t racing. It’s just a run for fun event. You’ve no need to contact the adoption agency. :)

ETA: Lots of folks have gotten PAL for their hounds, for a variety of reasons. You’ve nothing to worry about. 

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That clause in in adoption contracts because they don't want you to make money off your retired racers, I think.  Lots of us have PALs and do AKC events with our adopted dogs.  There's also LGRA and NOTRA (Large Gasehound Racing assoc and N-something Oval Track Racing Assoc) events to look into.  You might want to do a Blue Slip ownership transfer first to make things easier.

Just make sure she's in racing condition before taking her to any kind of racing trial.  Lots of daily walking and exercise in the back yard will help keep her in shape.


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Babs, the Triangle Greyhound Society in North Carolina regularly does fun run events including straight line runs and lure coursing using our home made equipment.  It's all for fun and the dogs love it.  No AKC or PAL registrations are required; people just bring their dogs and let them run for the fun of it.  No timing or competitions are involved.  If you're in the area, we have scheduled events on March 28 and October 31.  There will probably be more fun runs during the summer and fall.


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