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How Much Does Your Vet Charge for Dentals?

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Since hound owners on Greytalk are from all over the place, I'd like to get an idea as to how much your vet charges for a dental, to include sedation for anesthesia, IV catheterization, anesthesia, IV fluid, hospitalization, disposable materials, biohazard fee, chemical blood panel, I/H CBC panel, and I/H add-on Lyte 4 (all the things that are listed on my dental estimate). In other words, the total fee.

My new vet bought my former vet's business recently (clients and building), so I expected prices to be a bit higher, but the estimate I got yesterday shocked me (over $650) because it is much higher than my former vet's fee a year ago ($221 but didn't include some of the above listed items).

Sheba is 13 years old, so I can understand needing bloodwork done before proceeding with the dental, but the total estimate seems quite high.

What do you pay for a dental?

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Some of it depends in the market/location.  Granted my experience was years ago but then a country vet in the Texas panhandle (who was Texas A&M alumnus of the year later) was $200 and $10 per extraction.  In Dallas two  years later I seem to remember $500 and $50 per extraction.

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Mine is included in our Paw Plan. It's not insurance, but it covers all shots, one dental per year, wellness checks, CBC, spay/neuter, and at least a 20% discount on any other services. It's $65 a month, which is less than what one dental costs. 


ETA: I paid $1300 for Chase 10 years ago... he ended up needing seven extractions. 

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I guess I just entered into the real world and my $650+ dental estimate is the norm and not the exception. At least my $450 Embrace wellness insurance reimbursement will cover a large part of the bill, but then I will have used up my wellness reimbursement alotment for the annual premium year, which becomes effective March 2, 2021-March 1, 2022. 

Thanks everyone for my enlightenment.

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Consider $650 a bargain!  I live in the Washington DC metro area and last year Ivy's dental (with 7 extractions) was $1400.

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