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Let me see your brindles in collars!

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I'm just itching to find out who our next pupper will be. It's looking like it'll be a brindle boy as the group mostly has them with one black boy. Since everything looks good on a black houndie, I'd love to see your BRINDLE photos with collars to see what I might like. My red fawn, Chase, was perfect in royal blue and my blue fawn, Lulu, was amazing in lilac. Red is currently what my Dobie girl wears. 


Two furless kids, and Kota, the Doberman, cat littermates Kissy and Skully, and the chicken flock: Princess, Sunflower, Luna, Ember, Rose, Dolly, and Clementine.
Missing Rainbow Bridgers: Chase (J's Fear Not), Lulu (former coyote hunting puppy), and Skah (the deaf Great Pyrenees). Waiting on our next foster-fail Greyhound.

All animal pictures all the time at: instagram/greytpets

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Congrats on your new pup! I don’t have any pics of my red-brindle girl, Wendy, but she looked spectacular in black, red, gold, burgundy and just about any warm/autumn color. 

Irene ~ Owned and Operated by Jenny (Jenny Rocks ~ 11/24/17) ~ JRo, Jenny from the Track

Lola (AMF Won't Forget ~ 04/29/15 -07/22/19) - My girl. I'll always love you.

Wendy (Lost Footing ~ 12/11/05 - 08/18/17) ~ Forever in our hearts. "I am yours, you are mine".

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No pics, but brindle Milo wears orange, which looks terrific (warm color, like Wendy above) or black, and brindle Jeter wears teal by default.  Teal doesn't do anything for his coloring but it was one of the few colors left in standard leash/collars (each of the hounds gets its unique, signature color).  Dark brindle Nutmeg wore light purple, which looked surprisingly good.  


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, Nutmeg, and Jeter

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Our first greyhound was a very light brindle and she looked great in bright colored collars- fuschia, purple, hot pink, even red/white/blue for Fourth of July.  

May be an image of flower and outdoors

May be an image of animalMay be an image of animalMay be an image of dog



Edited by Potomacpupsmom



Humans Kathy and Jim with our girls, Ivy (Carolina Spoon) and Cherry (Fly Cherry Pie)

Missing our beautiful angel Breeze (Dighton Breeze) and angel Beka (BM Beko) - you are forever in our hearts.

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I have had two handsome brindle boys; can't access photos at the moment. But Doc, as a red brindle, looked best I always felt in black with gold or silver, or red.

Tiger is paler, described in his adoption papers as a silver brindle; again he is currently wearing a red and black house collar which also has a little blue in the pattern, to go with his plain denim martingale.

I like bold patterns for brindle boys - avoid ones which will either disappear into, or clash with, the stripes.


Clare with Tiger (Snapper Gar, b. 18/05/2015), and remembering Ken (Boomtown Ken, 01/05/2011-21/02/2020) and Doc (Barefoot Doctor, 20/08/2001-15/04/2015).

"It is also to be noted of every species, that the handsomest of each move best ... and beasts of the most elegant form, always excel in speed; of this, the horse and greyhound are beautiful examples."----Wiliam Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty, 1753.

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Here's Spirit.  He's at the vet's office so his focus is on that exam room door and he has deployed his huge ears to be on the alert.

May be an image of dog

And at home in his current tag collar.  I've loved this tag collar on Spirit because it acts almost like camouflage. :lol 

No photo description available.

I've had two brindles, Spirit who is a rather dark red and Piper, who was much lighter and more "blond" brindle.  What I did with both of them was to try on a bunch of different collars at a Greyhound event and for both of them I found a couple of colors that, to me, just seemed to look particularly great on them.  After that, I could happily and confidently buy collars in those favorite colors.  I love Spirit in oranges and maroon.  Piper looked gorgeous in olive or spring green and teal.


Edited by LBass

Lucy with Greyhound Nate and OSH Tinker. With loving memories of MoMo (FTH Chyna Moon), Spirit, Miles the slinky kitty (OSH), Piper "The Perfect" (Oneco Chaplin), Winston, Yoda, Hector, and Claire.

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Mercury is a black brindle.  With his name, I had hoped to put him in black & silver  but black & gold are really his colors.

Here is blue and brown


black & white


chocolate brown




Momma to Jupiter.  Mummy to my Bridge Angels, Mercury and Liberty, the world's best blackngreylabhound

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Congrats on your new pupper. Which group are you going through? The only brindle I had was my girl, and I liked her in the more girly colors. Though she did look striking in teal, and a dark teal would look wonderful on a boy. 



Edited by gracegirl

Tessie, PK's Cat Island 12/9/13
Gabby the Airedale 7/1/18
Forever missing Grace (RT's Grace, 18156/23B), Fenway (not registered, def a greyhound), and Jackson (airedale terrier, honorary greyhound)

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