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Previously Repaired Break... Hardware Infected?

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Hi there! I adopted my 3y/o grey, Gary, this past December. The rescue informed me of a previous break, it was repaired, limp was nothing to worry about. My vet and I have both tried to get in contact with them/where they got him from for info, nothing. Last week, he popped what looked to be a blood blister on his leg (there are a few I can see, now that I’ve taken a good look at the leg), it wasn’t healing properly which led us to the pet hospital a few nights ago. They cleaned it out, got us some antibiotics and pain meds, other than wanting to lick the wound, Gary is doing much better from what I can tell. The conversation I had with the vet at the hospital is what leads me to this post...


She believes a surgery consult and x-rays are in order, there are self-inflicted wounds on this leg constantly, there are, what we think to be, blood blisters, the skin is so tight around the hardware, and the leg was swollen, hot, and red after the cut (this was what prompted me to take him in ASAP). She’s thinking whatever they used to fix his break could be infected/causing some kind of issue. Our regular vet wasn’t too concerned with the leg upon Gary’s initial visit, shes worked with greys before, has owned her own retired racer, she felt it was common, unfortunately, for greys to come off the track with injuries and that x-rays weren’t 100% necessary at this moment, possibly down the line to get some answers if it was in the budget. I have a phone call later today to follow up with his vet, but I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who also went through this or something similar? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and just want to make sure I am doing the right thing for my boy..

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