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Um, Merc, do yu know ware yur Mum wentid tuday? Do yu fink yu shud aks hur?


Miss "England" Carol with Chancey - (Goosetree Chance) and whippet lurcher Nutmeg

R.I.P. Bluegrass Banjoman. 25.1.2004 - 25.5.2015 and Ch. Sleepyhollow Aida. 30.9.2000 - 10.1.2014.

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All this talk of gardens plus the Robins, some Robins are back it makes us happy. The sun is out & the snow mountains are melting.

Miss Ducky how is the efforts to fix the shed errors going  ?

Miss Halise we are sorry you are going thru a bad patch we send you (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

Daphne & Bitzi looking forward to Spring




Caroline, Mom to Daphne (49B-50215) and Penny (41D-55779)
Remembering Bridge Angels Margo and Sabrina

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Shed repair delayed to Monday. That won't work due to a rainy forecast. Now delayed until next Thursday. :angryfire


Charlie the iggy, Hada the podenco maneta, Georgie Girl (UMR Cordella), Lulu the podenco andaluz
Angels: Mazy (CBR Crazy Girl), Potato, my mystery ibizan girl, Allen (M's Pretty Boy), Percy (Fast But True), Mikey (Doray's Patuti), Pudge le mutt, Tessa the iggy, Possum (Apostle), Gracie (Dusty Lady), Harold (Slatex Harold), "Cousin" Simon our step-iggy, Little Dude the iggy ,Bandit (Bb Blue Jay), Niña the galgo, Wally (Allen Hogg), Thane (Pog Mo Thoine), Oliver (JJ Special Agent), Comet, & Rosie our original mutt.

tiny hada siggy.png

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OMG!! OMG!!!! Mammaa.....droppd a pretzel.....an I eeted it!!!!

Yes you did you little monkey! Miss Patsy it was a Dot’s Homestyle Original Seasoned pretzel from North Dakota!!! They are my new addiction and now CK’s too! Have you ever had them? Bought them on a whim when I was shopping for snacks for a quick trip that I took to NY. These could be dangerous!

Misx Halise (sorry Clarkie, they are all gone)



Aljo Atomic Kogo and DC Man of Steal

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I will confess I do knot like Dot's Pretzels. 😳. Pretzels aren't meant to be spicy hot!!  However thanks for supporting a ND product. 

Summer, please tell your mama that the sun rises in the east. If it's a sunset it's in the west. There's a good girl. 

Furnaces, garden beds, sheds, lawns, ........ here's hoping it all gets straightened out sooner rather than later. 

Lila's purkle pendant is truly beautiful (as is only appropriate of course). 

Have a good weekend all. Fish frys are a regional thing around here fridays in lent. I'm drooling already. Drive thru of course. 



Patsy and DH with the Humane Society specials, Linus & Jazz, in North Dakota

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Sorry Ms Lizabeff, houndie bruddahs gotta stik togedder

Pippin sorry butt KNOT reely


Kerry with Pippin (Paid Vacation), adopted 4/15/2017
Missing the best wizard in the world, Merlin (PA's Paris), the biggest Love I've ever known, and my sweet 80lb limpet, Sagan (Leon B) :brokenheart :brokenheart, every single day.

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Hey have you guys ever seen our house? I have a picture of it right here 

napa valley house


napa valley house


napa valley house



Edited by Jenbo

Missing KC Kitty 2000-2016

Missing Myka and part of my heart 2006-2020

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Pippin, Miss Nancy    large.eeeck.gif.ff72897cebb575dd4423cd6e


Gee thanks, guys.  Nancy, I thought you were my Emotional Support Canadian.  sml_gallery_15587_3010_49.gif

Uh, Mummy.....

Hi, baby dog.  Did I tell you we were having salmon for dinner?  Nice, fatty fish.  You love salmon likkies.


Merc  hoo duz knot like pretzils and finks Summer mite be fibbing.


Missing my heart dog Liberty, the world's best blackngreylabhound


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Summer, we are laffin an laffin.....cawse we are pritty shure that is knot yer howse or yer park.  But you did help us hab a surprisingly wunnerful day, so it is bery nise that you showed them.

Mom feels like she is onna akew punkshure high.  I know her helf ups an downs are kinda borin, but she just feels like she shood tell when she feels GOOD cawse ob alla thymes when she feels BAD.  Siriusly, she haz lots less payne today too, an she is gonna appreshiate it.  She wants to go bak, but fer now they are gonna consintrate on gettin vacksine appoyntmints.  Then mebbe she can get sum moore needels an gua sha inna foochure.  Miss Kerry, you eber tryed akew punkshure fer yer mindgranes?  Mite help.

Miss Halise, did the pretzels an Clarkie help you feel moore bedder?  Heer are sum nose kisses plusalso.  :kiss2

Kibo!  Si, tu eres muy guapo!  My sissers an Mom went THUD.  I did too, but I am missin my Balti.:(

Miss Lucy, I fink you shood be bery pasifick in yer review.  Tell eggsackly whot they did rong---mebbe try to keep it to 16 pages.:lol  Pee Ess---yer yard is sooo nise.  An I wood sleep in those beds. :nod

Ja, ja, Merc, yer Mom is still bein tricksy.  She is tryin to distrack you wiff sammin.  So....eat it all up, but nebber fergit!

Miss Kathy, isnt is nise to start seein burds agin?  Speshully those pritty bloo ones.  It haz bin weerd heer---onny crows, lotsa crows. Makin lotsa noise.  We finely herd sum burd singin resently, an Mom wuz so happy.

Ja, ja, fer that gator trabbel!

Miss Chris, we are sorry you are STILL habbin furnise trubbel.

Laila Mariposa

Pee Ess---Mom just saw this on owr nayborhood Fasbook page.  Peepel hab bin contackin the Mayor, an mostly gettin a form responce.  But this is incouragin.  Mebbe they are aware ob alla the shootins an will do sumfin.

"I just received a call from Sgt. Burford with the Pittsburgh Police. Between noon and 4pm tomorrow, members of the police department, including police leadership, and I believe Chief Shubert will be walking the neighbor hood to try to better understand the issues we are facing here. They have welcomed neighbors to be on the lookout for them and to express their concerns directly. I think we can all agree that this is good news!"



Edited by queenwinniesmom

Nancy, Mom to Evangelina, Kiva and Laila
Missing Lacey, Patsy, Buster, my heart dog Nick, Winnie, Pollyanna, Tess, my precious Lydia, Calvin Lee, and kitties Lily, Sam and Simon
My Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Catsburgandhoundtown

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Momma says score one for the skweeky wheel!!!!!  She called yesserday when the furniss stopped wurkjng again and complained.  Really strongly.  So they sended a DIFFERENT fixer dood out this morning, and we think he really did fix it this time!!  We sure hope so cause I was tired of hearing those space heatings running all the time!.

Plus also, Momma's gonna have her cat sergery on April 22nd.  She is very essited about this.  :dunno

Mister Pippin you are hysterical!!!  :lol

Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!  Miss Summer is trying to pull a fast one on us!!!  Momma says she would love to live there tho!  I think I would too!

Later Gaters!

:rivethead   Andipants

Chris - Mom to: Lilly, Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)


Angels: Libby (Everlast), Dorie (Dog Gone Holly), Dude (TNJ VooDoo), Copper (Kid's Copper), Cash (GSI Payncash), Toni (LPH Cry Baby), Whiskey (KT's Phys Ed), Atom

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Summer, we lyke the beeg pikshur ov fuds on the wall in yur howse, furevva snaks!

Skore Clarkie!

A luverlee bloo sky day heer tuday.

Nutmeg, neerlee reddee fower bed.

Miss "England" Carol with Chancey - (Goosetree Chance) and whippet lurcher Nutmeg

R.I.P. Bluegrass Banjoman. 25.1.2004 - 25.5.2015 and Ch. Sleepyhollow Aida. 30.9.2000 - 10.1.2014.

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