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Freezing on walks

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Hello all,

We adopted our 4th foster grey a week after we took her in. Its been three weeks now and she is 99% perfect! Very loving, wants her head on our lap all the time, goes to her crate while we have dinner no problem, sleeps through the night and wakes us up at 6am to pee, goes back to bed til we feed her at 7am, then sleeps again til I walk her at 9am... maybe.

This is the problem. She is statueing as soon as she is outside the door. Her bathroom is the back or front garden, and this is mostly successful. Walking in the morning and evening though have become battlegrounds! She will pee no problem but no.2s require her to move a bit and I have just given up on the walk now as she would not move beyond the street outside the house.

For context we are in a cul de sac housing estate, in a quiet part of Scotland. I am very aware we are at early days.  I don't want to continue bribing her or having to walk her in circles to get her moving.

Just some words of encouragement would be great thanks! My boyfriend and I adore her and after being bitten 3 times by our last foster, she has been a dream!!

How do I get the little madam moving both her feet and her bowels?!? 

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Hi! I’ve got three suggestions you could try. First, try taking her out of a different door - so if you normally go out of the front door onto your street, try taking her through the back garden gate instead, if you can. Secondly, it’s tough at the minute with all the restrictions but can you get her in the car and driver to a nearby park or woodland, or secure dog field (I think you can still use these at the minute)? It’s not ideal and not a long term solution but it might work short term, and once she’s happy walking with you at that place, she might be happier walking from home. Alternatively you could put a chair (and probably an umbrella) in the front garden and just sit with her while she takes in her surroundings. Go back in the house with her when she’s ready. Don’t rush her. One day she might surprise you and try and take you for a walk. Although it’s frustrating it really won’t hurt her to have a few days without exercise so don’t worry too much. Good luck!

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Don't worry about bribing her or walking in circles as it won't be something you have to keep up with once she gets over the freezing. Most greyhounds go through it as they get used to all the strange sounds, sights and smells which can last for a few weeks and won't always be in the same place.

There is the collar grab technique that you could try which is especially useful if they freeze in a dangerous situation. I don't think it works with a harness though. You put your fingers through the collar and with a slight lift, take a step forward taking the greyhound with you as if tenpin bowling and your hound is the bowling ball and giving the command "lets go" keep walking. It's similar to how the trainers get the hounds into the traps before a race. I only had to do it three or four times to get Grace over her freezing.

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We had all sorts of this when we first got our boy. He would freeze often, and sometimes when we were far away from home. We found turning him in a tight circle would sometimes get his brain to get out of freeze mode, and we also used the "touch" command where you put your finger a few feet away from him and if he  walked a few steps and touched our finger with nose, he was treated. We would also sometimes drive him a few blocks away and then walk him back home. That was a hit or miss strategy. 

That all said, the real solution is time and repetition. When they are in a new environment it is overwhelming and in my experience there has simply been no substitute for time in adjusting for Stanley. 

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