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What did you wish you knew as a new Grey Mom/Family? (adopted senior 12yr old former racer)

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I am sure this topic has been covered a bunch.  

This forum has helped me a lot with questions.  

Our sweet girl is 12 years old, 13 in a few months.  She has settled into our home like she has always lived with us. 

I am not new to dogs, but new to greys...where have these amazing dogs been all my life!!  

My biggest concern right now is her teeth, they are super bad.  So, bad our local vet has said she doesn't feel comfortable doing any work on her.  The closest vet that specializes in dental care is about 2 hours away.  And even if we took her there, which we would, with her age and being a grey aka not great with anaesthesia and add post op pain management it is a toss up if it is worth it.  We are using the periodontal capsule goo squeezed on her teeth once a day and an additive to her water.  (This helps 80-90% with the horrible doggie breath she arrived with...)  

After reading this forum I have found maybe we should start wiping her teeth once or twice a day.  I don't think we could brush most of her teeth are just stumps.  

She is on a list of suppliments for her joints and gut health.  I start her second round of dewormer today.  

Any other advice on teeth or other things you wish you had known.  


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Congratulations on adopting a senior! 

This summer when Logan was 10.5 years he had a dental, no issues. I mentioned to the vet that I would probably not have another one done on him due to his age (i.e., 11 or 12 years old next time), and the vet said he would go entirely by how healthy the dog is at that time, and not by the age. 

I guess another consideration is whether the teeth are actually bothering her. Hard to tell of course, but is she unwilling to eat hard treats (like milkbones), or showing signs of pain when eating? If not, I might tend to lean against having a dental done on a 12+ year old dog. But I am not a vet, so just IMHO. 

Logan - LoganMaxicon15K.jpg - Max (Aug. 4, 2004 - Jan. 11, 2018)

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 Congratulations and thank you for opening your hearts and home to a senior hound :beatheart Old Dogs are the Best Dogs!

 Not necessarily a dental specialist, but Is there another grey-savvy vet nearby? A big consideration is the general overall health of the dog. Every dog is different, so while we have all read the stories and know of dogs for whom a dental went wrong, there are so many for whom having a dental was a life saver and made every difference in the world to the dogs' quality of life.  Two of my almost-11 year olds had dentals that were without any issue at all. Before he became a camper, Seamie's :heart :brokenheart dental couldn't be finished in one proc, his teeth were so bad, and they had to finish during a second proc a couple of weeks later. Later at 13, he needed another proc and did just fine. Trevor lost all but ~five of his teeth during his pre-adoption dental. Both hounds had been in a lot of pain and after their dentals they were like new doggos. In the meantime, soaking kibble and mixing with canned or pulverizing the kibble in a blender and mixing with canned or a liquid can help. 

Please keep us posted. Seniors are the best.


Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees:  Punkin. Annie Oooh M. 

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:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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Thank you for the support so soon!

To answer a few questions...Jewel our Grey is not currently having teeth issues.  That I am aware of...

She chews on her toys (mostly squeaky plush toys) and will retrieve tennis balls (well chase and play with tennis balls, we are working on bringing them back, lol).  She eats dry kibble with gusto and even an occasional crunchy treat.  

We are lucky that she has no problem with us touching her mouth and we are able to treat with the periodontal "goo" application once a day.  

Today she did have some slight gum bleeding after working over a plush toy with a fierce determination.  But it was very light and stopped when we gave the toy a break.  I figure with all the tartar on her teeth that it would be like a human flossing after way too long.  

She does not seems 12, she has "zoomies" around the yard and chases balls.  We go on a 1/2 a mile walk almost everyday...she seems ready to turn home at the 1/4 mile-ish mark and I let her.  She does have an obvious deformed front "wrist" joint.  Probably a track injury that healed not quite right.  (Her foster mom said she would limp and favor that joint if walked too long...we have not seen her do that, yet).   

I am so thankful for this group and the advice so far...thank you, again!

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1 hour ago, FiveRoooooers said:

Seniors are the best.

I want to adopt one so bad.   Most of my greyhounds have made it to teenagers and I stop doing dentals (as well as vaccines except rabies) .  As long as they are eating & drinking well.  No signs of an abscess.  I just want them to enjoy life.  Not miss a few days due to a dental cleaning.  

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Congratulations on your "new" hound.

You could try working the goo into her teeth with a dog toothbrush which would also stimulate the gums.

Hopefully you are using a tennis ball made for dogs as the hairy outside of the ones made for playing tennis wear dogs teeth down.

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