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On January 3rd, Teddy Palmer’s birthday, Halfway home greyhounds in Tulsa, OK officially posted on their website:

“With the changing racing greyhound industry and many of the greyhound farms closing, there are fewer greyhounds that need homes.  With the lack of greyhounds along with family health issues, it is with sadness and a ”greyt”  sense of accomplishment, that halfway Home Greyhound Adoption closed its doors in 2020.  Since 2001 we have helped over 6,670 racing and farm greyhounds move into adoption groups and forever homes. 

Thank you - we could not have done this without you and your support.”


Teddy Palmer is a true pioneer in greyhound adoption.  A former greyhound adoption person of the year, she dedicated herself to the group and precious hounds.  In the early years Teddy traveled the state of Oklahoma getting to know greyhound breeders and trainers and introducing them to the idea of greyhound adoption.  So many of you have Oklahoma bred and/or trained greyhounds that came thru halfway home.  I am honored to have known Teddy well......and so blessed to have our past and present “family members” whistlers win, Rivendell escort, kL baby bleu, rollover ronee, rowdy Jill and beware of Phog because of teddy.  

Thank you teddy and Russ for all you have done!  They truly made a difference - well done!  A “greyt” accomplishment indeed.


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Sad news for greyhound lovers everywhere. We owe a debt of gratitude to Teddy in OK and all greyhound adoption groups throughout the US. With tracks closing all over, in time the bloodlines will be lost completely. Adopting from European sources is very cost prohibitive unfortunately. 

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Two of my greys came through Teddy.  She definitely devouted her life to greys. :heart


Mom to Jaxson 5/12/2017

Forever in my heart: Joey 11/01/2007 to 12/06/2018, Scout 11/19/2005 to 07/15/15 and Jack 01/03/2004 to 06/11/2011

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Many, many greyhounds have found their forever homes thanks to Teddy, including some of ours. I will always remember the first time we met, and am happy to have her as a friend. 

A huge Thank You,  and sending very best wishes to Teddy and Russ for all they have done for the greyhound community. 

Wanda, with the DC Racing Kids,

Eric ( DNT Finbarclancy )  6/29/14    Maggie ( DNT Oh Maggie ) 6/29/14

Lorraine ( DC Don't Rainonme ) 3/15/08 - 4/9/20 ---  Suzie ( DC Lazy Susan ) 3/12/06 - 9/4/18 --- Stormy ( DC Major Storm ) 11/29/99 - 1/21/12 ---- Andy ( Andy's Alibi ) 1/23/99 - 12/30/11

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Even though Halfway Home has been winding down for awhile, it's still sad to see this chapter of the greyhound world close its doors.

A heartfelt thanks for the years of friendship and the greyhounds that have graced my home and couch since 2010, either coming directly from Tulsa or an Abilene farm, with Teddy's blessings.

At the Bridge: B's Miss Thang (Tango), Mister Moose (Moose), JW Titleist (Tidy), B's Dealornodeal (Della), Fiesty Hound (Fiesty), Odd Mystery (Mystery), and Eyes on the Cash (Cash).  And still holding down the floors and furniture:  Mohican Top Dog (Topper) and Coach Heather (Hattie).

Wishing all the best to Teddy and Russ as they open and navigate a new chapter in their lives!  :heart

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