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Hi, I just lost my puppy of ten years to cancer. For a few years now I’ve known my next dog would be a greyhound. 

im going to read up on the forums and do my research, and as a start I wanted to know what advice the experienced people have for someone starting out and also what the best resources for finding a high quality breeder is. I want to start with a puppy. 

I am located in Kentucky. 



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I know someone here has an akc greyhound but most people here have ex racing dogs.  Which are generally older than 18 months.  Maybe with the tracks closing there might be more puppies available. So you won't get as much help with finding a good breeder. 

Unfortunately I'm not one of those with the experience you're requesting. 

But one thing I can tell you,  being a greyhound owner is belonging to a very special cult. Welcome! 

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Welcome and you’re welcome here no matter if your new greyhound is adopted after (or before 😂) racing or not!   Mine are all adopted ex racers so I’m of no help to you either.  But a big hello.

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I don't imagine there are many oops litters these days and I think there is only one, maybe 2 people on the forum that have non x-racing greyhounds.

Your best bet is to likely search for ACK breeders and then ask questions from there to determine if it is a good breeder.

If you decide an adult is the route to go, lots of people here can give you their experiences with the groups around you.

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I'd say search out contacts in and around Abilene KS.  It is the holy grail of greyhoundom.   Greyhound Hall of Fame might help with referrals.  
I cannot imagine wanting a puppy....and I've lived through many.  The romance of greyhounds is that they grew up outside in runs and are somewhat calmed down when adopted.

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