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Broken Leg/New Owner


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Hi there! I’ve posted before and I first want to say I love that there is a place for owners to come with questions.. this is my first time owning a greyhound and there are lots of things new to me and this site has been such a help. 

I adopted my boy just over a week ago and he’s doing well, we love him so much. He retired from racing after breaking his leg, the rescue assured me he was okay/healed and wasn’t in pain, etc etc. Things I’ve noticed over the last week include hopping off the hurt leg when he starts to move any faster than a walk (trot, run), he’s constantly licking the leg where there is still some exposed skin (no hair). There was some snow outside and he hopped in it one day to investigate and it looks like he scraped his leg where the exposed skin was. Some days it looks okay and other days he’s gnawing at it and takes the scab off. We’re waiting for our first vet appt as they were backed up with holidays/COVID precautions. He will let me touch the leg and I always do so gently just to look and see how the cut is doing... any advice? Thank you again!

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It is good to get the background information so you can pass it on to your vet.  It will help in future treatment.  Congratulations.

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1 hour ago, cleptogrey said:

Talk to your adoption group. Was it repaired by them or the track? Does he have plates? If so there could be a problem. How long ago dis it break? Too many variables and you need the medical history(surgery and x-rays). do some research and see if the group will help you. Good luck!

It was repaired before he was brought to the rescue in late July/early August and they were given minimal information, just that he had antibiotics from the anesthesia. I’m trying to keep calm until we can see the vet. Thank you! 

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I think you are wise to get him to your vet as soon as there is an opening.  If that seems too far into the future, you might contact your adoption group to see if they have a vet who could see him earlier.

I am NOT a vet or vet tech but since he's licking the leg and the skin is tender/new/raw, you might consider bandaging it for protection and to help him leave it alone.  My elderly hound just had a open wound of unknown origin and the vet had me keep Neosporin on the tender new skin for a while even after the wound fully closed.
I keep Telfa type non-stick pads and vet wrap on hand.  

Congratulations on you new family member!

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