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Greyhound Blood Donation

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Yes it is.  Many greys are universal donors with the added bonus of being gentle.  You just have to be strong when they pull it from the neck.  There was quite an uproar  in  Austin a few years ago.  Google Pet Blood Bank.  That is way different than donating via your vet.  I remember onne case where they brought the greyhound in and did a direct transfusion. 


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Thank you!  I just wasn’t sure about it, since it’s our first doggie!  The vet said that if I decide to do it, it wouldn’t actually happen for awhile.  He would have to be on heartworm medicine for 6 months before donating, and worm free...which he is. We just got his stool sample back.  

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Yes one of my girls is a blood donor for our vet clinic.  We haven't been asked to come in yet, but did all the testing so she could be a donor.   We also have dogs in our group who are donors. And as Pam said, we've had one that did a direct donation for an emergency.  I had a woman come up to me at a meet and greet (when we could actually do them!) and thank us for saving her dog's life.  

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We have an animal blood bank in the city near me, and many of my dogs -- not just the Greys -- have been donars over the years.

Not all Greyhounds have 'universal' blood.  Nixon, Ruby and Sid did, but Nigel did not.  Ruby's blood was thicker and always clotted too quickly, so we did not take from her very often.  

Our clinic draws from the leg, not the neck.  It is a slower process, but a shorter recovery time.

Our last Dobie had VonWillebrand Disease and needed a transfusion of cryoprecipitate before, during and after she was spayed and we used our GSD and Pointers blood, collected over several months,  to make the cryo for her.

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It is something I have looked into but in the UK the greyhound has to weigh over 25kg and unfortunately Grace weighs just under. If any owners from the UK are interested have a look here.


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Violet was a donor until she went on a medication that meant she couldn't anymore. She thought it was great fun getting hugs and tons of PB and treats. I was bummed when we had to stop. 

Note the dog does have to be restrained so it wouldn't be appropriate for fearful dogs, but at least with the blood bank here they were very good about making sure the dog was comfortable and the process was stress free. 

They also do a lot of testing free of charge so it provides a lot of benefits financially, which is an added bonus. 


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Our 6 year old boy Atlas needed blood and due to covid we could not source any for him. We were desperate and at the last minute our vet had a brainwave that his sister could donate for him. We took her in to the clinic he was staying at and she donated blood for her brother. It was quick and seemingly painless and she was home and sleeping by lunch time. 

Sadly our boy didn’t pull through but we have since added Luna to the blood bank in the hope we can help out a family like us who are desperate for blood. It really didn’t phase her at all! 

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