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I am looking for a greyhound and would prefer to adopt but I have concerns as to how well they get along with cats. We have a cat and obviously do not want any harm to come to her.

Is it better to get a puppy so it will always be used to a cat?

Thanks for any ideas,


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It depends on the individual dog, and, to a lesser extent, to the individual cat. The group you are working with (I am assuming an adoption group) will at test their dogs, which helps, but isn’t fool proof. Dogs have been known to lie on their cat tests :lol The cat test will eliminate the obvious high prey dogs. I had five cats when I adopted my first grey. She was an older dog (7), very calm, and pretty much ignored the cats. My cats ranged from confident to a spook. My second grey was supposed to be cat safe, and he was with confident cats that were used to dogs, but I had to teach him not to chase the spook. 

So you see what I mean, different animals react differently with each other. Lots of people have multiple combinations of cat(s) and grey(s), it can work. 

I have no experience with puppies, so I can’t answer that :)

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It does happen the dog in the picture had to be taught how to interact with the cat.  He wanted pounce on her so I taught him he could only interact with her while he was in a down.  He was cat correctable.   Lots of supervision and a muzzle.  The cat has since lived with 9 dogs.  Just make sure they each have an area/time when they can be alone and get used to each other in there own time.

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Any reputable adoption group will cat test its adoptable dogs so you will have a baseline of behavior.  Unless the dog has lived with a cat before, there *will* be an adjustment period, no matter what the outcome is.  Please search through this section of the forum for the (many, numerous, a whole lotta) threads on greyhounds and cats.

And it's a BIG no to a puppy.  Prey drive is instinctual, but a puppy's behavioral responses to cats and other small prey animals will not be settled for many months.  Both the puppies we've had have ended up being not cat safe in any way.  It's fortunate that we lost our last cats before the first puppy was old enough to do damage "playing" with the kitty.  Even so, we had to resort to permanently separating the cat in another section of the house most of the time so Lilly couldn't get to them.

ETA - We did have 8 cat safe greyhounds previously to getting the puppy (along with 4 cats), so there *are* plenty of cat safe greyhounds out there.  Though in this climate of dogs being scarce you may need to wait a while to get one.  If this is your first greyhound I would recommend getting an older dog who has already lived with a cat for your introduction to the breed.  It will just take one anxiety off your plate!

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Most groups will cat-test--mine does (I own the cat who does the testing).  All of my greys have been cat-safe.  Some were older and retired racers, some younger who didn't race.

As for a puppy, greyhound puppies are a *whole* different animal, and I wouldn't recommend them for somebody without experience with greyhounds.  I have a 13-month-old greyhound puppy now who came into the house at 4 months.  She's settling down, but I won't lie, there were periods where I was asking myself, "What have I done?"  She does okay with the cat--she's convinced that they're going to be best friends forever, and if she has a problem with him, it's that she doesn't fully understand that he's not a dog.  (She keeps trying to play with him as if he is one.)  However, he's not afraid of her.  If she gets nuts, he just stands there and looks at her as if he's completely bored by her antics.  :D  However, what helped for them was that she really, really, loves to wash his ears.....and he's come to find that it's actually a rather pleasant experience.  :D


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I've had 4 Greyhounds, adopted as adults, who have lived or are currently living safely with cats.  I think the key is selecting the right dog.  Your adoption group should be able to help you find a hound who can live happily with cats.  Having said that, I ended up returning the very first Greyhound that I adopted to the group after she proved FAR too interested in my beloved cat.  She had been cat tested and was thought to be "cat safe" but in my home with my cat that was not true.  As someone above posted, she lied. :lol  No harm was done to the cat or the hound, but I had a tense couple of weeks before I decided that she was not a good match for my household.

I do think that how a dog is cat tested is significant.  I much prefer dogs who have gone through a foster-with-cats type of system for testing.  Having said that, only one of my dogs had that kind of evaluation.  Often cat testing is done by introducing a dog into a room with a sedentary cat.  I don't think that gives a realistic view of the dog's interest in an active, moving, eating, playing, running cat.

It is absolutely possible to have Greyhounds and cats living safely and happily in the same home.  Be prepared to 1) make that requirement clear to the adoption group and be willing to work with them to select the right dog, 2) be willing to work a bit helping your new hound and cat adjust to each other--you can lean on this group and your adoption group for help, and 3) don't hesitate to "pull the plug" if you continue to feel concerned about your new hound and your cat.  Consider asking you adoption group if you can foster before you formally adopt as a good way to evaluate a specific dog and cat together.

Best wishes!  

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